“Touring is different at 34 than it was at 16”

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Paramore‘s Hayley Williams has shared a statement with fans after the band cancelled four gigs on their North American tour due to illness.

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Last Saturday (July 22), Paramore postponed their concert in San Francisco just hours before they were set to take the stage.

They then went on to shelve three further gigs on their North American tour in Seattle, Portland, and Salt Late City “in the interest of our health and the ability to put on a show you all deserve”.

Now, with the tour set to resume in Tulsa, Oklahoma tonight (July 29), Williams has addressed fans and discussed the issues with staying fit and healthy on tour.

She told fans that she became ill during a Houston gig earlier this month, and “muscled all the way through [the] LA [gig].

“By the time the excitement and all the nerves from all the LA shenanigans wore off, my body just gave out…” she added. “Touring is different at 34 than it was at 16, when leaving home felt like the greatest escape.

“Even in my 20’s, I benefitted from the constant music. It was a perfect distraction from relational issues and my own mind. This tour has done my heart a lot of good. I couldn’t be more grateful for the faces I see the first few seconds after we walk onstage during the intro. Those people revive me nightly.”

See the full statement below.

It was recently announced that Paramore are heading to Europe as a supporting act on Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, beginning on May 9, 2024. Check out the complete list of Europe tour dates here.

Paramore are currently touring in support of their recent sixth album, ‘This Is Why’, which arrived in February via Atlantic. In a five-star review, NME’s Sophie Williams wrote of it: “Paramore are reaching to where, finally, their music has wanted to get to for the best part of the past decade. Rather than try to top their peerless anthems, the band have instead uncovered a new warmth on ‘This Is Why’, and the effect is triumphant indeed.”

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