Calboy Delivers New Single “On My Own”

By vainsofjenna جولای29,2023 #Calboy #Delivers #single

Calboy is finally dropping new music, and fans are elated! The Chicago rapper is best known for his breakout single “Envy Me,” who’s official music video boasts over 242 million views and counting. The virality of the record cemented Calboy as a mainstay in the rap game, equipped with his own unique sound and standout melodies.

Now, Calboy returns with his newest single and visual, “On My Own.” 

Speaking on the song, Calboy states, “‘On My Own’ is more than just a single to me. It’s a testament to resilience and growth. This song reflects my journey, reminding me of the struggles I’ve faced and the obstacles I’ve overcome on my path to success. It’s a reflection of the hustle, dedication, and determination that brought me to where I am today. ‘On My Own’ represents the strength of believing in oneself and never giving up, no matter the challenges that come my way.”

“On My Own” is also a metaphor for Calboy’s emancipation from the major label system, stepping into his newfound independence with grace. The track serves as the first release on his label titled Loyalty & Company, gifting his fans directly with no middleman.

Lawrence Mahone directs the music video, showcasing Calboy’s everyday life, such as hanging out at the crib with friends and recording in the studio. The skyline of Chicago, in the beginning, is both meaningful and important, representing Cal’s roots in Chi-town.

Calboy leaves us with a message: “I want people to know you can succeed and make it through your trials and tribulations without anyone’s help, aka ‘On My Own’. To never turn your back on real friends and keep grinding and working on your craft.”

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