Stephen A. Smith Apologizes for Tweet Asking is Kim Kardashian a Prostitute

Stephen A. Smith is back on the apology train, this time issuing a message to Kim Kardashian after he tweeted asking if she was a prostitute.

In promoting an episode of his podcast, Smith asked, “Is Kim Kardashian a ‘prostitute’?” Followed by, “Is Kris Jenner a ‘pimp.” The tweets were created to give a lead into the episode’s content, which examines Ray J speaking about the origins of their sex tape.

Responding to Philadelphia 76ers guard Patrick Beverley, who called him out, Stephen A stated it was a “clerical error.”

“That is being corrected right now as we speak,” Smith tweeted. “And for the record, I don’;t think of @KimKardshian that way nor would I ever speak of her or any woman that way, which I’ve stated. That’s for checking that issue.”

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