Cops Show Up to Nicki Minaj’s Home After Prank 911 Call – Report

It looks like Nicki Minaj was the victim of another swatting attempt. Over the weekend, police showed up at Nicki’s home after a prank 911 call claimed that someone was shot there. Nicki wasn’t amused.

According to a TMZ report, published on Sunday (July 30), the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at Nicki Minaj‘s home on Saturday (July 29) after they received a 911 call that someone was shot at the property. Once authorities arrived at the rap star’s San Fernando Valley, Calif. home, they realized that someone made a prank 911 call and Nicki was the victim of swatting. TMZ reports that the Pink Friday creator was not happy to see police at her doorstep.

It’s unclear why Nicki is the target of swatting pranks but police are investigating the incident.

XXL has reached out to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department and Nicki Minaj’s reps for comment.

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Nicki Minaj Has Been a Victim of Swatting Before

Back in June, Nicki Minaj became the victim of a swatting call when an anonymous person called police and falsely claimed that the New York rhymer’s son was being abused. The prankster also contacted child services which prompted sheriff deputies to roll up at the rap star’s home.

A law enforcement source told TMZ that deputies spoke with Nicki and her husband, Kenneth Petty, and inspected their son, affectionately called “Papa Bear,” before determining that there was no evidence of abuse.

Subsequently, another person made a prank 911 call to report a fire at Nicki’s house. The police determined that this was also a hoax. At this point, the swatting calls are now becoming a nuisance.

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