Fiona Apple is back and can be heard on Iron & Wine's new album

It's been seven years since Sam Beam made a solo album like Iron & Wine (between various EPs, live session recordings and this little gem of…). Years to burn together with Calexico). Now the singer-songwriter is ready to take us once again into his world between dreams and earth, and to give us a taste of it, he has decided to bring forward the release of his new album. Easy verse (scheduled for April 26th), with a single featuring, yes, Fiona Apple.

Two expected returns therefore: Apple's latest album is from 2020, Get the Bolt Clutters, which had confirmed her as one of the most unusual and, shall we say, brilliant voices in contemporary American songwriting. Comment on the work done together for Everything in its timethat's the title of the single, Sam Beam he said that “Apple's voice is a miracle, it makes you feel like a victim and a weapon at the same time.” A little magic, also supported in the piece by a 24-piece orchestra, which will be present throughout the piece Easy verse.

Is it a coincidence that these two artists collaborate on a song that, translated into Italian, would be called “Tempo al tempo”? In hindsight, maybe not.

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