STABBER drives his TRUENO with many guests on board

Is titled CORRECT the album producer of STABBERwhich boasts a number of very important guests from the hip-hop scene and beyond.

TRUENO: STABBER's first producer album has finally been released

After more than twenty years of training, STABBER has finally created a producer album.

Unfortunately, the producer's name is often forgotten and pushed into the background compared to the artist who brings his voice and face to musical projects. This is a real shame because we forget the path we took and the background of great artists. For those who don't remember STABBER's syllabus, we'll quickly refresh your memory.

Born in L'Aquila in 1980, he debuted with the city crew Souleloquy, with whom he released some demos and an official album in the early 2000s, before leaving his hometown to be recorded by the Palermo crew GoTaste, together with Stokka, Mad Buddy, Johnny Marseille, Bras, Louis Dee and many others. He also released an instrumental album with them, but it wasn't until 2009 that he reached an even larger audience and produced exclusively Number 47the cult album by Artificial child, a group that Stabber himself founded along with Danno and DJ Craim. In 2011 he tested new sounds together with Fabiana Fondi, with whom he founded the duo Liquid minds and subsequently it appears frequently in the records of Salmo, Nitro, Gemitaiz, Inoki and many others.

STABBER's sound is extremely varied and certainly not the “usual” boom-bap of classic hip-hop. Rather, they are always experimental sounds similar to the world of electronics, which manage to give the songs a unique connotation.

It is precisely this versatility and originality that comes into its own in us CORRECTwhere rap plays a fundamental role but is accompanied by many artists who have a completely different background than hip-hop.

In fact, we find names with which he has already collaborated, but also many new collaborations. There are Damage And DJ Craim then in the very pleasant throwback Artificial Kid Nitro with Naomithe trio Angelina Mango, Gemitaiz And Yung Snapp but also Venerus, Miraa May, Coez, Annalisa, Salmo, Johnny Marsiglia, Alborosie, J Lord, Ginevra, Laila Al Habash, Gaia, Noyz Narcos And Damned. In short, a very impressive list.

But despite such different guests CORRECT it seems to sound coherent and confident. STABBER always has the steering wheel of the car in his hand and guides everyone very well on the roads of his productions.

Let's be honest: it's not a pure rap album in the purest sense of the word, but the setting and background is absolutely hip-hop in mentality and approach. A record that is unlike anything that has been released recently, and that's why we liked it on these first listens.

You can hear CORRECTthe new STABBER album via the following link:

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