Gimmie A Light, Ice Spice tries to score an encore hit

Ice seasoning is ready to debut with her first album e Give me a light is the new promo single. The title debuted on major streaming services last Friday and immediately achieved moderate success.

The Bronx rapper was one of the revelations of 2023 thanks to her hits Princess Diana Remix And Barbie worldboth in collaboration with Nicki Minaj.

Ice Spice returns with Gimmie A Light: listen to it streaming

Thanks to the EP How…?The young artist conquered the international public with her fresh and alternative image. Her music was never characterized by originality, but thanks to her deadly catchiness, Spice was able to establish herself as a pioneer of drill music.

In the last few months, the rapper initially released everything Pretty girl with Rema, who was unable to reach the numbers of the previous singles despite his different style. Then it came Think you’re the shitwhich debuted at number 37 on the Billboard Hot 100 and brought together critics and the general public with more than 75 million streams.

Give me a light – Live preview of Coachella stage – will be tasked with paving the way for the album, which apparently already has a release date, albeit a secret one. Ice Spice entrusted the production to the shop steward RIOTUSA who – for this occasion – tried Sean Paul’s song of the same name.

The text of the track isn’t particularly flashy and gives us something we’ve heard several times before in the artist’s career. The official video available on YouTube, dominated by an aesthetic that leans heavily on Nicki Minaj, doesn’t help either.

Y2K, Ice’s project, is distributed by Universal and 10K Projects, the label founded by the rapper herself. The record must prove that the artist is not one One-hit wonder and that there is a long-term position for her in rap. The expectations are quite high and we hope that Spice has the courage to dare more – especially from a musical perspective.

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