You can find a preview of the six selected artists here on Spotify Radar 2024

Spotify Radar 2024. 2024 will be the fourth “edition” of Spotify Radar Italy which theoretically aims to nurture new musical talent by getting them established in the music landscape.

Over the years, our website has repeatedly emphasized that instead of identifying talent to focus on and discovering little-known artists for us, the editors of the well-known streaming platform choose to help artists, often under the protective wings of the major record companies that are already there in the launch pad give them the final check for final confirmation.

Let's remember whoever is selected for the program Spotify radar is featured on many editorial playlists throughout the year.

To name just a few of the earlier editions of the program that we remember Blanco, Rhove, Tommy From there, BigMom, bnkr44, Mara Satisfaction, Aries, Rondodasosa, The Three And Venus but also like singer-songwriters Hu, Call me lighthouse And Latte coffee. And who will it be this year?

All music Italy can reveal it to you as a preview before the official announcement, as six artists appeared on the March 16th Spotify Radar Globalsix artists who will therefore be part of the program for Italy.

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