Gwyneth Paltrow says Ben Affleck was ‘technically excellent’ in bed

The crisp news of the day? Here is served. Podcast Host Call her daddyGwyneth Paltrow revealed that Ben Affleck, her boyfriend between 1997 and 2000, was “technically excellent” in bed.

Hosted by host Alex Cooper, the game, titled Ben or Brad (meaning Pitt), aimed to compare the Oscar winner’s two historic ex-boyfriends Shakespeare in love.

The election, says Paltrow, is “very difficult.” If Affleck was better under the covers and making her laugh more, there was “a greater alchemy with the more “romantic” Pitt, it was that kind of love that could last a lifetime.”

“I can’t believe my daughter is hearing those words right now!” jokes the actress and entrepreneur at goop after revealing his colleague’s hidden talents.

Then adding, “God bless J.Lo and all he deserves!”, of Affleck’s current wife.

However, Ben and Brad had one thing: They were both “very good at kissing.”

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