Last night Rosa Chemical lost her virginity

I want to reassure the Fratelli d’Italia MP who considers it a place of gender movement with consequent great disruption for children and respected families. I would like to reassure the members of the Lega Nord who have lodged a complaint with Agcom about the indecent program broadcast in Sanremo. I want to help bring the country towards full and true national peace, as the Prime Minister hoped two days ago. And that’s why I’m writing it here, so that political forces, institutions, educational institutions can take note: No traditional family was mistreated during the Rosa Chemical concert.

In fact, last night’s concert at the Magazzini Generali (the first of four concerts in Milan, three of which were sold out) was more a show of various arts than a concert. “I wasn’t born a singer, I was born an artist, writer, designer,” Chemical once said, applauded by Mamma Rosa from the top of the balcony, instantly recognized and celebrated by the fans and by a handful of friends, artists, creators. The show is an extension of the many things that Rosa Chemical is or aspires to be, plus of course a great brothel of people jumping and singing, from guys in Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses to girls with neon hair and faux leather bodices waving Italian flags ( can you see Giorgia who are all patriots?).

It’s a little concert, a little Peffòmans, a little university party, a little TV variety show with singing, monologue, ballet, sexy wink, art. They’ve been seen and heard, in no particular order: a selection of hits from the trilogy of polka To made in Italy (which was heard three times during the evening); a pole dancer performing to the notes of the theme Pink panther (I’m not kidding) and was then joined by a second performer to animate Gianna Nannini’s big masturbation dream America (if you want to look them up on Instagram they are Shoriness and Divine DaemoniKa); very Italian covers range from they begin To 50 special offers from “my favorite Italian singer”; Guests from Radical, who raised the energy bar on stage, and Greg Willen.

And again: a section dedicated to sentimental Balatons; a kind of DJ set; two changes of clothes (“they arrest me more naked than that”); A typical monologue hyenas about the “big spinning merry-go-round” he found himself in after Sanremo, about the freedom not to follow the dominant models of biological sex, about how “difficult it is to accept change in our country”; an image that the singer creates on the spot, drawing with cans the motifs suggested by the audience. It will be auctioned and the proceeds will be donated to the children’s wards of the San Donato Group and the Santobono of Naples. In case you want to buy it, know that among other things it depicts a smiling emoji-like penis.

It’s a concert container, a happy little show that shows that after the turmoil of Sanremo, Rosa wants to show that there’s more to it than just pop star gossip. There are still a lot of things that need to be tweaked, after all this is the first real concert he’s giving in his life. “So you could say I was a virgin before,” he remarks, accompanied by a roar. To take her virginity, she chose the Gang Band, which is just one consonant away from the crowd. I’m the guitarist Camilla from Ros, a group that will be remembered X Factor 2017and Tecla Zorzi, keyboardist, sound designer, soundtrack composer, music editor (since DOC in your hands To Mixed by Erry). Far from Robert Palmer’s fake decorative instrumentalists, they are real musicians. Their live performance adds up, as is common these days, to backing tracks and (in fast rap tracks) pre-recorded vocal tracks, on which Rosa sometimes doesn’t even bother to sing. Apparently that doesn’t shock anyone anymore.

Judging by the latest singles It is not normal And made in Italy, after applying lipstick to the Rosa Chemical trap, he indulged in the nationally popular song, now sentimental and now a little badass. The concert only partially captures this change, who knows if momentarily, and that is why in the Magazzini we saw a Rosa who is half trapper, pointing his rivals in the face instead of his pistol but with his penis, and half arch-Italian entertainer, who turns everything into an excuse to make a fuss. Also, it is known that her ambition is to be Britney, not Kendrick.

This lively exercise in free speech follows no well-known scripts, it’s not Italian pop discovering the awakening, and it’s not a bad trap. It’s a chaotic mix of folk ambitions and sex shop thrills, sentimentality and karaoke, rap swagger and pop singability. It is not a rich show in terms of staging, musicality, vocabulary and therefore imagination. There is a lot of Paraculaggine, a little less music. But it’s a start and it definitely hits the mark: Rosa will also be there at her first concert, but the enthusiasm of the audience is the kind that is otherwise reserved for stars.

The number one enemy of right-wingers, scourges of wrongdoing and right-wing politicians with mild indignation seems like a good guy. He’s also a sympathetic erotomaniac, an unrestrained advocate of individual liberties, an over-the-top advocate of the right to indulgence, but when he’s standing above the stage (and sometimes hugging among the fans), Rosa Chemical never shakes his hand, doesn’t exceed, doesn’t wander . He doesn’t want to threaten anyone, not even those who are outraged and scolded and want to censor him. He doesn’t because, I quote from the motivational monologue, “the strongest weapon we have is love”. So here is the wise and measured advice given to the public last night: “To those who insult you, spit hateful words at you, to those who try to change you, respond with kindness, composure, composure. you will break them I tried it on my skin. If you respond openly and politely to those who still don’t understand where the new free world is going, you will be the winners».

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