Michela Murgia got married: “Marriage is the only way to guarantee us rights, but it is a patriarchal and limited instrument.”

Michela Murgia and Lorenzo Terenzi got married a few days ago. Murgia herself spread the news on her social networks with a video recorded during the signing of the documents, to which the sound of Anouk’s Nobody’s Wife was added. As the passage indicates, the rite was not taken lightly. According to the author, the decision was made “in articulo mortis” (at the time of death) due to the deterioration of her condition (“Every day there is a different physical complication, I keep going to the dying hospital and we no longer take anything for granted hin”) and it was accepted “reluctantly”, as he wanted to clarify: “If we had had another way of guaranteeing the rights of the other, we would never have resorted to such a patriarchal and limited way.” Instrument that allows us to do so compels to reduce a much richer and stronger experience to the representation of the couple, where the number 2 is the opposite of who we are.”

The reference can be found in the queer Murgia family, an open family in which the boundaries of the monogamous marriage bond no longer apply. In fact, Murgia had already shared his dream when he announced the sad news of having just a few months left to live, which is to buy a ten-bed house in Rome “where my queer family can live together.” Returning to the topic today, she contrasted this emotional bond with the bureaucratic one of the civil partnership: “In a few days, in the garden of the house, which is still in motion, we will breathe life into our idea of ​​​​celebrating the queer family.” “Our promises will not be what we were forced to make the other day.”

Murgia concluded, emphasizing the struggle to protect and represent non-monogamous family forms as well: “Our personal experience today, like everyone else’s, is more political than ever and if I could leave a symbolic legacy, I would gladly do so. “ to be that: another relationship model, another one for those who have had to struggle in life and always feel like they have a little less.”

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