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Gary Young, Pavement’s lead drummer from 1989 to 1993, has died at the age of 70. The news came from Stephen Malkmus, who formed the band with Young and bassist Scott Kannberg in 1989: “Gary Young passed away today. Gary recorded pavement drums in one take. And he always rocked.

However, from the band’s official profile, a long reminder: “It was made to play in rock bands. He came from the Keith Moon Drum School, an unofficial school that Gary graduated with honors from. His enthusiasm for playing live music was unrelenting. “Gary loved excitement. “He wanted to excite and unsettle people,” the statement continued. “And he did both.” We recorded him and he taught us countless things we didn’t know about. He was a teacher and in a way we were his apprentices. And again, “Without Gary, we wouldn’t have noticed a lot of people.” He was crazy, he was magnetic, he was magical, he was dangerous.

The band concludes, “We love you, Gary. We’re sure you’ll somersault over rooftops, bite into pools, pretend to drown at the bottom of a pool, and dodge rocks and police bullets aimed at your head. Always fearless. The plant man (one of Gary’s nicknames, editor’s note) lives every time Pavement enters the stage, today as yesterday».

Young’s cause of death was not released.

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