The black umbrella from Slam and Giord

Super productive as always, ie Super fluid. The episode we are talking about today is Black umbrella, 8 tracks packed by Strike (also known as Hysteriackinto the microphone) e Giord (for production).

After the series of Don't try this at home, Here is another little pearl for our alternative market.

The superfluids continue their journey with a black umbrella

From the first listen, Black umbrella conveys the image of a race: against time and responsibility; against the alienation of work and the obsessions of the environment, on a journey whose end is not in sight. A journey without a destination – or littered with destinations – an endless loop, like a hamster on a wheel…

Strike And Giord They managed to be synthetic and concise in the short span of eight tracks. With a small appeal to resistance, to those who do it for personal pleasure (and not to “please” others), of course to rap as therapy, but anchored in current reality, without nostalgia.

There is a taste in production that goes beyond the “canon” and strives for the “classic.” In the most successful pieces – I know you didn't know, with an atmosphere that transports us to LA or the imaginary Los Santos of GTA San Andreas; Tiffany And wheelwith It is not – we are beyond a purely “niche” dimension.

For the indisputable knowledge, for the lyrical skills (the ability to combine reflection and instinct, personal ideas and quotes), for the originality in sampling, for all the years of apprenticeship – which for both begin from afar – Slam and Giord deserve, of course a “different” position in the Italian panorama.

And I deliberately don’t talk about “visibility”. We would have to find new words, new concepts, a different alphabet. What is valuable must have its place. Point. And if no one is willing to give it to him, he has to take it. Occupy it.

Let's get off this bike!

To get out of the “wheel”, the cycle of disappointments (professional and existential) and frustrations (artistic and emotional), you have to do it. And in a hyper-consumeristic reality that strives for content, doing is in a sense synonymous with satiation. Occupy the market or at least part of it.

The superfluid operation – which is not, since it is instinctive, simply the result of the need to express oneself (to squeeze oneself) – is nourished by this aspect that is crucial for young realities that want to emerge: to be there , on merit. Do.

And here it is Black umbrellaoccupies an important place in this “fluid” cycle of ideas that quickly emerge and develop, fertilizing new ideas and new projects, in their intensive production, consisting of numerous EPs that make them one of the strongest (and appreciated) of the Peninsula.

Black umbrella it is the consecration of an attitude. The motto is “Fresh things and contemplative at the same time”. The basic idea behind it is: “History is not a copy, but repetition“. It is the artistic maturity of two aspiring artists who are on the verge of a breakthrough.

Specifically, it is a plate made from a few ingredients that fit together perfectly. Only a few with (the above It is not, with vs. projectiles, from the superfluido family; And Karlino PrincipRepresentatives of another reality, similar in sensitivity and musical identity, to the Kiazza MOB), the preference for skits, the solidity of rhymes and bases.

For the rest, all you have to do is listen to it.

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