The Genius Tape by 7xvethegenius and DJ Green Lantern is now available

The Genie Tape is the new project by 7xvethegeniuscreated in collaboration with DJ Green Lantern. This is the year’s first collection of unreleased works for the Buffalo rapper we interviewed a few years ago (see our chat HERE).

The artist has been active in the scene for some time and although not signed to Griselda Records she has always moved within their sphere of influence and developed a fruitful professional relationship with Conway.

7xvethegenius and DJ Green Lantern together in the Genius Tape!

A few months ago the artist uploaded a short trailer for the release of the CD on Youtube. The scenes in the video showed her in the middle of a kind of session to measure her IQ: 7xvethegenius was able to answer all the questions asked, thereby confirming her status as geniusExactly.

Only ten titles were included in the final list of titles and among them you will find brainstorming in duet with the machine. musically speaking, The Genie Tape features the classic sound that will please Griselda fans.

However, there are tracks where 7xvethegenius left his comfort zone and experimented with more varied beats. The first to notice is definitely back-end development, in which the rapper agrees to give her thoughts a voice – without filters. Other notable passages are then Eat bread And Neck protection. The latter sees the involvement of Ché Noir and Rome Streetz in particular.

Overall, the mixtape represents a step forward in the artistic journey of 7xvethegenius. Lyrically, the rapper always stays on the right path and with her words she skillfully traces her everyday life between difficulties and the goal to stand out from the competition.

Over the years, the rapper’s sound has grown richer, and while she remains firmly rooted in the Buffalo music tradition, she’s been able to update and showcase her versatility. Our editors are excited to see what we have to offer death of Deucethe upcoming debut album!

In the meantime, you can rest The Genie Tapecreated together with DJ Green Lantern by clicking on the Spotify link you will find below… Enjoy listening!

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