The ok after the last inspection: the Springsteen concert in Ferrara is confirmed

The Committee for Order and Security, chaired by the Prefecture of Ferrara, yesterday carried out its latest inspection of the Giorgio Bassani municipal park and found that the Bruce Springsteen concert can take place. Today’s live broadcast is thus confirmed, even though bad weather has ravaged neighboring areas in recent days, leaving nine dead and thousands displaced. “We are perfectly aware of the difficult situation,” said Claudio Trotta, founder of Barleys Arts, which organizes the event, “but everything we do we do with the utmost safety and with the utmost respect for the needs of everyone Ferrara is no red zone, the schools have not been closed, the weather events are running out, as indicated by the forecasts and also by the institutions ».

Much more than just a bad mood is missing. Many people, especially on social media, are wondering whether it is appropriate to go ahead despite the damage and tragedy left in their wake by the rains, as well as the inconvenience and safety risks posed by the 50,000 spectators at the concert. “Closed highways, flooded rivers, landslides and so on and so forth. Help us understand how to reach our dear Bruce in these conditions, as there is no talk of postponing the event,” reads one of the many social comments on the Barleys Arts promoter’s post.

Others wonder why, in addition to affirming the motto “The show must go on”, no messages of solidarity have been received for the neighboring areas struggling with an environmental and social disaster: “But do you think it’s normal not to say a few words? “ What is happening in Emilia? We’re in breakdown. People are dying, roads are blocked. Using forces that are being withdrawn from those in need right now. 180 euro ticket and objective impossibility to reach Ferrara. are we kidding Do something. Block everything.” Or there are those who are more drastic and, given the losses suffered by the population, do not consider it appropriate to continue a concert: “Cancel Bruce’s event, if only out of respect for the Sacrifice.”

At the moment, however, the car of the event is driving quickly towards the finish and in order to reach the place where the event will take place, the organizers have informed that the A14 motorway is unfavorable in terms of road conditions Only closed in some sections, alternatively the entire one Adria navigable and in consultation with Trenitalia, special trains to Ferrara are also confirmed. 11,000 parking spaces have been created in the city and five new parking areas have been identified that can be booked online on the Park for Fun platform. In addition, for those arriving from outside, the Ferrara Springsteen Village has been set up in Marco Coletta Park, the reception area

There are two steps to access the concert: the first is on Via della Canapa, where a first visual check of the ticket takes place. The second, immediately after, where other checks (nominal ticket and ID document, security check of bags and backpacks) take place to gain access to the Comfort Area, a kind of “waiting room” with food truck, relaxation area, family with games for the little ones and merchandising. As soon as you enter the site, it is no longer possible to leave the park.

Before Springsteen and the E Street Band perform at 7:30pm, Fantastic Negrito will perform at 4:30pm and Sam Fender at 5:45pm. Finally, as for the weather, everything should be under control for now. Sunday May 21 Springsteen will perform at the Circus Maximus to return mTuesday, July 25 atMonza Circuit, Prato della Gerascia.

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