What happened to Burning Man?

There are two types of people. There are those who madly love Burning Man’s sandy utopia, and others who would never set foot in the desert of Mad Max-obsessed hipsters instead. Well, the latter must have been very happy not to have set foot there this year either. In fact, the Nevada desert, where the festival is held, was hit by torrential rains last weekend that quickly swamped the area and made it virtually impossible for the event to take place naturally. The organizers therefore asked the participants to ration water and food and to find safe shelter. It was only on Monday that the nearly 70,000 people present were given the green light to leave the area safely (although some had fled on foot or by other available means in the days before).

We’ve put together a few videos showing who was at Burning Man to recreate that nightmarish weekend.

Police arrest climate activists

The party (there was a little)

And also the mud (some more)

who stops the music (Spoilers: the weather)

“I don’t think God likes paganism”

Don’t worry, it’s just tornadoes and fires

The ultimate transformation into a Mad Max movie

Diplo and Chris Rock hitchhike away

The escape

The Endless Exodus

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