“A Boy, a Girl” by The Kolors remains at the top

By vainsofjenna Mar15,2024 #Boy #Girl #Kolors #remains #Top

Radio ranking EarOne Week 11 of 2024… the most played songs on Italian radios.

Five weeks after the festival ended, the radio stations decided who should be rewarded. 19 of 30 songs are still in the top 50, but seven songs, from #1 to #7, are in the top ten.

You drive that The Kolors This made it the only song from the festival to be number 1 on the radio for more than a week.

The new Italian entries include the new single from club with Chiello And Coez at #27 “RUST” and the new from boss plaza“,”thing from the past“, at #42.

Let's discover the top 50 together. Click “Continue” below.

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