He falls into the labyrinth of emotions that defines the relationship between brothers

Piotta released the new album “An infamous night.”Album available on all digital platforms, CD and vinyl, released by The big wave and distributed through Altafonte And Artist first.

“An infamous night.” is the tenth studio work by Tommaso Zanelloin art Piotta He was born and inspired by a tragic event that struck him: the early death of his older brother Fabio, a popular writer and essayist who wrote many of the lyrics.

The album is an emotional journey into the labyrinth of feelings that makes up the relationship between brothers.

“An infamous night.” consists of eleven tracks that bring together a mosaic of memories, feelings and experiences, crossed by the piano of Francesco Santalucia.

Santalucia together with Piotta was responsible for the production and composition of this album.

It is a journey through the personal and generational vicissitudes of the Zanello brothers, in the voice of Piotta They tell each other about the years that shaped their generations.

A journey through the years and above all an introspective and conscious journey, far away from the sunny and ironic world into which you enter Piotta He had done this many times before and does so through electronic ballads, piano suites and a strong presence of sung vocal lines that serve as a counterpoint to the more classic rap elements.

“An infamous night and Corso Trieste.”

From March 19th it will also be available in all La Nave di Teseo bookstores, Trieste coursethe first story of Piotta.

The album is the soundtrack to the book he wrote with his brother Fabio.

The two releases will be accompanied by the club tour, which begins on March 15th at the Viper Theater in Florence.

“An infamous night.” is accompanied by the release of the video clip of the title Praise be to God signed by the director Daniele Tofani.

The actor Carlo Caprioli He plays his brother Fabio, who desperately wants to write, while Tommaso drives an Alfa Giulia GT.

Piotta – tour dates

March 15th – Viper Theater Florence
March 16th – Largo Venue Rome
March 21st – Hiroshima Mon Amour Turin
March 22nd – Sonato Bologna Market
April 7th – Eremo Club Molfetta (Bari)
April 13th – Mattorosso Montebelluna (Treviso)
April 18th – Circolo Magnolia Milan
April 19th – The Livorno Cage


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