Annalisa is the first solo Italian in the general classification. But who was the last before her?

Two Fridays ago AnnalisaAfter staying at number 2 for two weeks, she managed to equal hers My love number one on the single charts FIMI This makes her the first Italian soloist to achieve this position since 2020. The milestone was rightly announced with great pomp by Warner Music Italy, the singer’s record label, but many wondered who had conquered the summit before her last.

My love is a big hit, a song to follow Nicea song that reached #7 on the singles chart and preceded the collaboration with fedez And Article 31 to the notes of disc paradise.

Last Friday My love dropped to number 11, overtaken by songs from the new record tedua feat. ball Enough and two summer catchphrases, one of which was his own disc paradise (position No. 8), which counts them among the protagonists.

NiceIncredibly, nine months after its release, it’s still in the top 50 at number 46.

Also on the radio, data EarOne in the hand, Annalisa with My love managed to reach #1 (4 times, most weeks in 2023 after). ash From Lazza). She was the third woman this year to do so lady Gaga (2 weeks) e laura Pausini (1 week).

A spectacular vintage that joins that of two other women: laura Pausiniback this year, ready for a great world tour and voted person of the year Latin Recording AcademyAnd elodieswhat was successful Sanremolive and won a Donatello’s David.

Back to the original question: Who is the last Italian woman, ahead of Annalisa, to take first place in the general classification? Click Next below to find out.

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