Bassi Maestro with a gift Sano Business Street Collection Volume 1

Unexpected like all the best gifts bass master announced the release in the last few days Healthy Business Street Collection Volume 1.

A plunge into memories with the Sano Business Street Collection Vol 1 by Bassi Maestro and Dj Zeta

Fortunately, the news has reached the couple in the last few days Bassi Maestro and Dj Zeta has decided to give all fans a gift by restoring, collecting and remastering everything with the brand healthy business, that is, for the uninitiated, the “supergroup” consisting of the above two individuals who, along with Supa and Rido (The Gang of Thugs) Between the ’90s and early 2000s, some of the most iconic episodes of Italian rap were made here.

This first volume of the collection brings together two classics like the album crossover (with annotation Supa and Rido) and the historian micrognosic Ep, This was then the first vinyl production by Sano Business.

We can finally listen to songs again comfortably and in high quality, which due to distribution and the laws of the market were previously difficult to find on the original carriers, at most they could be listened to again copied in questionable quality.

There’s not much to say about music, of course, the leap into the past and memories is obvious, but it’s also (paradoxically) refreshing to hear a rap that’s now two decades old.

Bassi and his collaborators are no strangers to this type of operation, and already a few years ago the Dean had re-released and remastered many of his famous productions (which in some cases were not distributed), collecting them in the albums “Street Collection Vol.” . 1 and Vol. 2 that we told you about.

The record is available everywhere and we leave it here in the first listen link.

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