Brain and his portrait of a couple in Emilia Romagna

2023 is the year of the return of Mr. Spatafora, alias Brain: after the last single, A touch of angerwith The Elfand a number of collaborations as well as the album Lord of the flies, Here the Bologna rapper publishes Portrait of a couple in Emilia Romagna, along with the “songwriter” Charles Coral.

Portrait of a couple in Emilia Romagna by Brain: rap brushstrokes at the end of the season

The summer is coming to an end. With its many depressions, the waiting autumn repopulates the offices and empties the beaches. The first rains bring the clouds back to the peninsula; Festivals, fairs and clubs begin to close. The return to routine. Music registers the change and changes the mood.

From the basement of Bologna comes an MC who is all too often underestimated, an older generation MC and with a “double soul”: crazy and rational, psychopath and poet, Brain He’s someone who can rap well.

Neither Lord of the flies (especially in songs like Fly And Thrifty, where his lyrical talent is more evident) we all remembered. Thanks to a production that suits him perfectly, his voice explodes and destroys everything, and his pen regains the level and intensity it deserves.

The Psycho Brain

After the initiation with i Fire in the Eyes (FNO) – with Michael Soul, prose And Kiodo— ; the confirmation on the underground circuit with various collaborations (and I would like to mention his presence). storyteller From Freshbeatsa maybe unknown, but certainly to be found again album, on which Brain makes one of the most beautiful songs of his career together with Micha Soul, chillin);

After seventh circle paired with Mr Madness – true underground pearl that you can listen to immediately! – and the experience of carat crew, ours had given up a bit, with a number of “freestyle” works, that is, less thoughtful and more instinctive.

With the Lord of the flies Brain returns to the crime scene by force. New lifeblood, desire for revenge, killer fuck. If the record in general has an angry, vicious and rough attitude, with this new single Brain shows everyone that rap is what it is because it’s varied.

The single

Portrait of a couple in Emilia Romagna from Brain is like a postcard after the holidays. Sweet, chilled, romantic: the piece slides easily and comfortably. A portrait in rhyme and style Murubutubut with the unmistakable style of Mr. Spatafora.

All enriched by the participation: Carlo Corallo. It’s defined as singer-songwriter rap, a definition that doesn’t make too much sense in my opinion. Neither for rap nor for songwriters. He’s certainly an original rapper, using the medium – and discipline – of rap to convey his content. Anything but typical … and therefore interesting.

Perhaps we risk repeating ourselves, but be that as it may: we feel that there is a little hope for Italian rap. Something emerges from under the thousand dung. A more accurate writing, more researched topics – not in the sense of presumption but of suffering -, a more critical attitude. And more poetic.

So come on, Brain and Carlo! We say goodbye to summer and wait for winter, which we hope will be cool and poetic, like this piece.

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