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TO pink friday 2 Less and less is missing and the forthcoming release gives us the opportunity to retrace the entire discography of Nicky Minaj.

Onika officially debuted in 2007 and within another two years, thanks to the support of Lil Wayne, cemented his position in the mainstream scene.

Playtime Is Over opens Nicki Minaj’s discography

2007 is the year of Nicki’s first mixtape – Playtime is over – began to circulate on the scene. Along with the sequel Sucka FreeThe project demonstrated the potential of this young Queens girl who grew up in a collective.

The two CDs contained mostly covers of songs by Tunechi, Biggie and Lil Kim, which the rapper had considered her main sources of inspiration from the start. Above all, it stood out autobiographyan extraordinary test of vulnerability that Nicki Minaj has yet to repeat:

Dad was a crack fanatic/Two in the morning, made us run down the block like a track team/When you burned down the house and my mom was in it/How could I forget? The pain is infinite/She’s my queen and I’m not even British/She’s the only reason I went to school and graduated.

Previously unreleased on digital platforms, Playtime is over And Sucka Free laid the foundation for Nicki Minaj’s discography, which would expand into completely unexpected and unpredictable horizons.

Signing to Young Money: Beam Me Up Scotty

The first turning point came when Lil Wayne decided to sign her to Young Money, which gave the rapper complete control over her art. The first fruit of this understanding was Beam me up, Scottywhich, right from the cover, has set itself the goal of leading women into a new future.

We will inform you in detail about the CD HERE, but it is still necessary to remember his main merit: having highlighted the versatility of Nicki Minaj, able to move masterfully between rock, R&B, pop and rap. Drake and Lil Wayne’s contributions are notable, but the jewel of the mixtape is certainly the icon Itty Bitty Piggy.

Pink Friday: A New Era for Women in Rap

In 2010 it was my turn pink friday, Nicki Minaj’s debut album. The project – a classic in its own right – was the second-best commercial debut since Lauryn Hill’s deformity.

Onika’s main merit was to conceive and implement a coherent aesthetic that, while harking back to some stylistic cues from the 1990s, is presented in a modern way. The mega hit great bass He then opened the top of the most important world rankings to the artist, who in those years became one of the most demanded on the market.

In 2020, our editorial staff had a chance to remember tenth anniversary the release of the album, which was released on the same day My beautiful dark twisted fantasy.

Roman Reloaded: the (necessary) pop breakthrough

It hit the shelves in less than two years Roman Reloaded, the most controversial and controversial music project in Nicki Minaj’s discography. betforward The half-pop, half-rap project made the artist the second female rapper ever to debut directly at the top of the Billboard Hot 200.

In this insightWe’ve tried to highlight his potential, but Onika’s second album was crucial in building a worldwide fan base: the same fan base that has seen Nicki’s career enjoy a real renaissance in recent years.

The PinkPrint: back to basics

With archived wigs and bright colors, Nicki Minaj decided to return to her musical origins. The pink print was released in December 2014 and is on the way to becoming a classic. As we told you HEREThe rapper placed her humanity at the center of the narrative while also highlighting her MC skills.

The punch anaconda enabled the commercial success of the album, which is on the verge of being certified triple platinum in the US. Also worth mentioning feel myself with Beyoncé and the underrated win again.

The queen of the game

Four years passed before the arrival of queenwhose promotion has suffered terribly from various events such as the feud with Cardi B. Additionally, as we pointed out in our review, we got it back HERE) the album presented itself to the audience as a solid and coherent product.

Despite some fillers, the project once again proved the legitimacy of the title of the game’s queen, which to this day remains undisputed and far from in jeopardy. Nicki Minaj’s fourth recording era also brought with it a new alter ego, the fighter Chun LiProtagonist of the explosive track of the same name.

Pink Friday 2: what will it add to Nicki Minaj’s discography?

The next November 17th, Onika will share the highly anticipated sequel to her debut album with the fan community. The project remains full of mysteries to this day, but we know that the rapper can amaze us again by offering us an innovative and original album.

In the tracklist it will flow Super freaky girlthe last rap track to top the Billboard Hot 100 over a year ago, and Red Ruby by Sleeze. Only in the last few hours Nicki has announced the arrival of the next single The last time I saw you: a completely different piece than what we have heard so far.

Stay tuned to Rapologia for updates pink friday 2one of most anticipated rap release of the year.

In the meantime, all you have to do is recover Nicki Minaj’s entire discography via the articles linked in the previous lines… Happy reading and happy listening!

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