Breaking the fourth wall with superfluids

Super fluid And “Productivity'; It’s the idea of ​​“being there.”” – because if you are not always present, especially if you are an aspiring person, you quickly forget – reconciled to the idea of ​​being yourself first and foremost.

This mini project (four tracks) packaged by Eric Draven And martyr – and superbly produced by Leony47 – marks an important development in text and production and projects it into the welcoming banquet of the new scene, far from Netflix, and into reality.

Superfluid, beyond the fourth wall, with image rap

How Eric Draven and Martire enter into a symbiosis with each other on the microphone and work together perfectly with Leony in production is clear from his album. styleon track quantum indicators, which anticipates the mood Fourth wall.

An image rap, instinctive, almost unconscious, that combines perfectly with Leony's dreamlike fundamentals. That is Fourth wall: four tracks in which the two MCs pile up rhymes at top speed in metrics that are never banal, complex and impactful.

I break the fourth wall, I look myself in the eyes;

The discomfort takes shape when I rephrase it.

With a “neo-Dadaist” approach, with free words and evocative images, Eric and Martire draw us into their fantasy, which – without getting upset about it – shows the debt it owes to cinema and literature, with an unreflective depth that leaves us with capture, almost fleetingly, thoughts and hopes, ghosts and monsters.

Fourth wall It is the ideal continuation of another EP, also consisting of four tracks, of which it represents a kind of second act: Fourth estate. We will therefore begin with this “prequel” to better define the continuous evolution of those who, like the guys from Superfluido, live full artistic and personal maturity, in a historical moment in which it is difficult – but necessary – to be yourself.

First half: Fourth power

It's difficult to keep up to date with Superfluido releases. Super-productive people who have released an absurd array of projects in the relatively short span of three years. Among the many publications it deserves a special mention Fourth estate. Eric and Martire on the microphone, productions by vs. projectiles.

Much Fourth wall It's dreamlike and profound, how very Fourth estate It's raw and fast. The productions – mostly looping, circling, perfect, endless – form a pleasant contrast to the general atmosphere of the album, more relaxed, relaxed.

The strengths of Quarto Kane are the two tracks with the following features: Casablancawith Slam aka Hysteriack

I rhyme like I'm an old Kodak/My head is upside down like Rally spinning in a Skoda/There are people who talk about smashing and don't listen/I'm putting all the pieces back together like Exodia

And Distortionswith gg.Proiettili in the dual role of MC and producer (“Scooby Doo takes off the executioner's hood“), with a perfect switch on the microphone between Eric and Martire. They complete the picture Palma cava And dead man. Relaxed and let go, go in Fourth estate Her more “lighthearted,” amused, and instinctive side comes out. And to paraphrase Lord Bean: When you rap so instinctively, it's almost a substitute for psychoanalysis.

Second half: fourth wall

With Fourth wall we are beyond that. Beyond the unconscious, lyrical ability. Beyond citation skills and refinement. We find ourselves in an “other” dimension, starting with the intro “Suspension of disbelief”: apart from the final “tu, tu” a perfect track.

Hypnotic, incredible production from Leony, with Eric and Martire lost in their own lyrical monologues, with an impressive technical level and personality that oozes from every rhyme. A different, freer approach that brings out the other side, the deep and “secret”.

(Personal digression. The atmosphere of Fourth Wall reminded me – in reality I don't know why – of a forgotten record, The stories of broken vinylFrom Domasan And Dj 2Phast. A record dominated by the same dusty and “dark” “climate”, deep and dreamlike, both in the beats and in the rhymes. Sensitivity that transcends historical time but proves to be a common matrix for many. Fortunately).

The first sketch is overall:

If you stare into space you can go blind. If there is no brain to transmit the images we see, we see nothing. My brain lags behind. My eyes know… you have to look… I still have my eyes in my hand. There's no time left… but I'm beginning to understand…

In the other three tracks, all Superfluid paraphernalia is in excellent condition. There are Zeboh And Sonny Purini. There is Cornea, which comes full circle with Stile. There is hardly anything to add. We can only conclude with the words of the two MCs, who define it as follows Fourth wall:

The fourth wall represents a great veil behind which our thoughts rage, the densest, dirtiest, most acidic and twisted. I don't see it as a sad, serious or aggressive shot, but rather as a very dense “mood” that acts as a wall or background for our thoughts and our pen

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