Kid Lost: Who is the winner of Nuova Scene on Netflix?

Let's find out who he is together Lost childthe winner of the first edition of New scene – Rhythm + Flow Italia From Netflix.

Kid Lost, from Province to Victory by Nuova Scena on Netflix

One of the rappers who received the most support during Nuova Scena was undoubtedly Kid Lost, right from the start.

TO 26 years, after ten years of rapping and a long training, managed to reach the general public thanks to the first Italian adaptation of an original Netflix format. And not only that: he also took home the prize money 100,000 eurosbeat in the final Elmatadormc7 And Jelecrois.

Its origins are firmly rooted in the province Naplesto be precise a Qualianoa municipality of about 25,000 inhabitants, 16 km from the capital of Campania.

Here, Kid Lost had a family that always supported him and made sure he could focus heavily on rap. Thanks to this music, he managed to find the drive to do something good in his life and let go of bad habits that perhaps his peers from his province had continued for one reason or another. A story that is unfortunately common to many young people, but is brought to the point with a lot of passion, humility and, above all, a lot of dedication.

In fact, listening to the songs with which he presented himself during the episodes of Nuova Scena, one can easily detect a particular attention to lyrics and metrics, as well as a familiarity with rap in both the Neapolitan dialect and Italian. An aspect that means a lot discographically.

He also demonstrated this in the episode where he had to create an unreleased song that was accompanied by a video clip (director:). Asia J. Lanni And Nicola Bussei). oxymoron – that's the name of the piece that was produced by Andry, the hitmaker – in fact it presents itself with a more radio-friendly first part in Italian and a much more concise one in the dialect. According to both the judges, Fabri Fibra, Geolier and Rose Villainvery successful.

You can watch the official video below:

Kid Lost in Nuova Scena also had the honor of working with a giant like him Marracashto be able to appear on stage with him in a remake of the hit clownTitle included Us, them, the others – which recently received its sixth platinum album – enriched for the edition by the boy's unreleased verse, written in a very short time.

This gave him access to an instrumental piece produced by march And Zephconquered everyone by taking home the prize money, which, as was said in the first episode, will now try to reach ten times that amount.

Even though he's already 26 years old – and in the current scene you're not that young anymore – Kid Lost still has a lot to say musically. Now that you have him in the spotlight, we will see what his next move will be and at the same time whether we will have one too New scene 2.

Keep following us Instagram, for future updates on this topic. In the meantime, listen for yourself below CRIATUREthe song by Kid Lost, produced by Marz and Zef, with which he won the first edition of Nuova Scena on Netflix.

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