Dafa and Dj Fede are the young veterans coming out with the Terzo Eye EP

They return Young veteransThat means Dafa And DJ Fede: The two Turin legends are now out Third Eye E.P.

Third Eye EP: Young veterans Dafa and DJ Fede still give rap lessons

After the excellent album 1974Young Veterans DJ Fede and Dafa return to the studio together to release this 4-track EP titled Third Eye.

To use a football metaphor, we can see how Dafa has rediscovered the continuity of his goalscoring abilities as a true striker, demonstrating a “new spring” that is also resurgent thanks to DJ Fede's assists. After the Lyricalz period, in which he, along with Fede (aka Federico Sarica, now Head of Editorial Content at GQ Italia) helped fly the flag of Italian rap in the late '90s, we had lost sight of Dafa a bit, which had increasingly changed away from the microphone, only to resume it on the occasion of just two solo albums: At close range (2008) e state of grace (2010).

However, in recent years we have seen him release several verses as a guest on the records of some colleagues and, thanks to his fellow citizen DJ Fede, he has again started releasing unreleased projects that, as mentioned, had been lost for over 10 years.

After 1974, Third Eye EP is a hypothetical sequel with four additional tracks following the same musical style.

In these songs we find the highlighting of an excellent one Inoki which completely captures the style of the EP as well as its scratches DJ Bront And DJ Kamo.

Third Eye EP by Dafa and DJ Fede is further proof that some people have hip-hop in their veins and age doesn't matter but they will always know how to do it a certain way.

If you have any doubts, you can find the proof on all digital platforms and via the link below.

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