Yeern 101 brings us closer to ScHoolboy Q's album

We've been waiting for this for years and in just a few days we'll finally have the new album in our hands Schoolboy Q: It is now available everywhere here Yes 101, the album's first official single.

Yeern 101 shows us a fit ScHoolboy Q

Until Friday, March 1st, the day the rapper from TDE will return with an official album after a five-year wait.

We're dying to hear it in action because Q has rarely disappointed us in the past and what it's given us over the past few weeks is no different. It's just a shame that the first two samples from the album are available exclusively on YouTube. It is about Back and love And Blues slidesreleased ten days ago and representative of the Los Angeles MC's dual soul, capable of making both hard-hitting and more introspective songs over sweeter instrumentals.

Come on, how beautiful she is Bluesides?

It is a special choice, also because Back and love is not included in the tracklist revealed in the first trailer – available here – Bluesides but yes.

The fact is that the new song released in these hours is the first official single of the project. Is called Yes 101is brought about by the terrible thistle and shows us once again how much ScHoolboy Q likes the beats and is fully aware of his own abilities in the beat:

Call me Ice Cube Baby like they're on my chain
Heard a lame nigga tryna play with my name
On the twenty-three tours I no longer have a head
I'm getting stupid with these hundreds, now my thumb is tainted
I'm out here, everything is free
I've never met God, but I bet he knows me

Q has a great desire to rap and has stated that he wants to do it forever, until he is 80 years old.

In the meantime, let's enjoy it to the fullest Year 101, also watched a chaotic video – directed by ScHoolboy Q himself along with James Edward – which fits the mood of the track well.

March 1st is getting closer and closer and if you want, Here You can pre-order it along with exclusive merch.

Happy listening and happy watching!

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