Does the Gin & Juice drink bring us closer to the record?

It is now known snoop Dogg And DR Dr They are working on a new official album and the trailer for their drink should already be in full swing Gin & juice It could be a very important sign.

Let's find out together why.

Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre's Gin & Juice are back and waiting for the new album

Yesterday a new page was born on social media: the name is By DreAndSnoop and the connection to these two West Coast legends is obviously immediate.

Why did they do it? Throw Gin & juicetheir new alcoholic drink, inspired by the cult single of the same name Doggy style who turned 30 last November.

The drink will soon be available in a variety of flavors – melon, apricot, citrus and passionfruit – and to launch they've released a sweet video in which they play two gangsters reminiscent of Vincent and Jules from the classic pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino.

You can see it below:

Nothing out of the ordinary so far, also because good old Snoop is quite used to these scratches.

However, when we see them together and bring back their old song, we immediately remember Snoop Dogg's last words to it missionarythe album he worked on with Dr. Dre works.

I'm currently with Dr. Dre in the lab talking about Death Row/Aftermath stuff” Snoop said in an interview for last month All the Smoke with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jacksonand added: “We're just finishing it up and putting the pieces in the right order. He's a perfectionist, he called me one day about two years ago and was like, “Man, come here, let me do some songs with you.”“.

So will 2024 be the year we get Snoop Dogg and Dr. get Dre? So it seems, and perhaps we'll get updates on the site soon @bydreandsnoop.

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