Kanye West has finally done it (for now)

By vainsofjenna Feb10,2024 #finally #Kanye #West

On the day of the Sanremo final Kanye West breaks the monotony of social network feeds by deciding to publish the long-awaited part 1 From vulturehis album with Ty Dolla Mr.

We've been talking about this since last year, even before the failed listening party in Reggio Emilia. Now it's reality. Let's hope it lasts!

“Vultures 1” by Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign is out and waiting on Spotify

Who would have thought? In the end, just a few hours later than the last date set for publication, Vulture Volume 1 is finally available online, but only on for now Apple Music And tide.

It is not surprising to find differences immediatelyArtwork (poor Ty!) too Tracklist, equally unsurprising that there is new criticism of some of Ye's decisions and statements. The most recent to do so is the Osbournes, who are considering suing Ye for not asking permission to sample part of a live performance of Ye Ironman by Black Sabbath.

«Kanye West asked for permission to sample part of a live performance of Iron Man at the 1983 US festival without vocals“Ozzy wrote on social media yesterday. Add: “He was denied permission because he is anti-Semitic and has caused untold suffering to many people. He went his own way and still used the sample at his album listening party last night. I don't want anything to do with this man!».

Just the latest of the controversies the Chicago artist is now wallowing in, and in all likelihood just the first version of Vulture Volume 1 that we will have available today.

This is the tracklist for at the moment Vulture 1 by Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign:

  1. Stars
  2. Key to my life (Ft. India Love)
  3. Paid
  4. Talking (Ft. North West)
  5. Back To Me (Ft. Freddie Gibbs & Quavo)
  6. Hoodrat
  7. Do It (Ft. Yg)
  8. Paperwork (Ft. Quavo)
  9. Burn
  10. F*k Sumn (Ft. Playboi Carti & Travis Scott)
  11. Vulture (Lil Durk & Bump J)
  12. Carnival (Ft. Rich The Kid & Playboi Carti)
  13. Good (Don't Die)
  14. Problematic
  15. king

Do you hear it yet? First impressions?

Write them in the comments of our post on Instagram.

Below you can find streaming on Apple Music:

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