Elio and the Tese Stories, the review of the 2023 Concertozzo

In forty years of their career they have pilloried everything and its opposite. No cliché has remained intact: commitment and detachment, rock and pop, mainstream and popular, Sanremo and the May Day ensembles. It only remained to desecrate the myth of the dissolution, punctually repudiated last year, and the myth of the reunion that took place in the Carpi square, which was filled with over 10,000 spectators.

It happened (past participle, but even more a noun): after last year’s charity concert Concertozzo Elio e le Storie Tese gave an encore by performing again for a just cause (again, the first beneficiary of the live performance is CESVI, a dedicated Foundation, endowment). in the field of human rights and sustainable development). According to their recent announcement, Carpi’s appointment proved above all to be the prelude to the new theatrical tour that will start in Genoa on October 5th, with the first of the 30 dates for the show already set I only have one tooth left and am trying to screw it back.

In practice, a dream team that is back in the championship after a five-year absence. Which might make someone doubt whether the “complex” has been kept in place (not that its members have been idle in the meantime, apart from the pandemic halt). Doubts dispelled since the attack John Holmesgreeted with liberating cheers by an audience that has been waiting for this concert for months and that, thanks to the unprecedented appointment at 16:45 with an almost complete concert since the early hours of the sultry Sunday afternoon, has begun to populate the city of Modena band under a gazebo to sign the last two albums reissued on vinyl.

A path like any other to further strengthen the relationship between the Elii and the community of their followers, certainly not as secondary actors in a performance whose formula is increasingly similar to that of the liturgy. The impression that dominates the first part of the concert is in fact that of a widespread need for a collective ritual which, suppressed for five years, finally culminates in a universal and unstoppable refrain. Of course, there is always singing at concerts. But tonight is different.

The message “Silence” written on Elio’s T-shirt was also completely disregarded. Not bad, albeit later Am distinguished for the fruit of sin he himself prematurely crowns the audience as the “best-timed player on the international scene”. Mangoni is also stepping into the right time, “a sign that something is changing in the world,” comments the frontman, referring to the first appearance of the well-known “independent artist” in papal robes Gimmi I (which follows a more canonical one serfs). The appearance of the architect represents a further turning point in the long heliacal liturgy, which he undertakes to connect with current musical events in the interlude Calf with balsa feet imitates a chills – already parodied last year – and to the Annalisa of the catchphrase My love.

“A very small twist,” Elio defines it, announcing others. “It seems to be on Love MI,” he adds sarcastically, introducing “the group’s LGBTQI representative”: Carmelo (Vittorio Cosma), a character now at the highest rank who consistently fails to address the most scathing part of Elio -to embody thought by circumlocution We are the winners after his classic catchphrase “I like dicks”. And suddenly we are light years away from the politically correct era, in the parallel reality of the EelSTs.

In a tracklist of sing along they flow urn, TVUMDB extension – with the inevitable tribute to Feyez – Gargaroz And El Pubis, whose Latin tail is the classic “roar” of the team starting to refuel. It is the piece that opens the dance part of the Concertozzo, with the frontman calling out for Carpi’s hands, “which would then be Carpi and Metacarpi”. you follow disco music And Born to be Abrahamand Elio finally lets himself laugh.

The first part of the show is easy to take home and the break is entirely dedicated to the PizzAut and Tortellinte associations, exemplary realities of autonomy and professional dignity that the autistic boys they employ show they deserve. A topic that is known to touch Elio very much, who warns against the dangerous “image of mild autism” as the basis of inadequacy of both the EU and public schools. The latter is not always able to guarantee adequate support to boys like their son Dante, who is again the protagonist on stage after the Concertozzo in 2022.

The ladder starts again. Be a woman today And story of a guy led to the Sanremo moment where the “song contest was almost won”. Land of Persimmons and seven years later by the geniuses mononote song. “We were beaten by Mengoni… curse you!” growls Elio, grumbling about it, “but we beat the Modàs”. And even those boxes in the Ariston seem light years away.

Faso and Christian Meyer begin to melt and rediscover the attitude of the golden age; Cosma-Carmelo thanks Christ “for this evening… and for the fuck” as the audience continues to sing men with purses And Sempione Park. “The most interesting part is coming soon,” Elio emphasizes, “that was just the preview of the concert.” And so the ritual of the encore is parodied and profaned, presented super young as the last song of the preview. A full-blown car spoiler.

More twists were announced, so it begins with a sharp pause from the cameras filming the stage: Rocco Tanica is there, and the roar is almost moving now. After driving the instrumental version of CeilingIt is he himself who wants to immortalize the audience: he picks up the phone and silently signals the 10,000 of Carpi to gather. “I was in Correggio with Il Sogno di Elio e le Storie Tese, one of the many tribute groups that are very popular all over the world,” he says a few minutes later, shouldering the keyboard he starts with Shpalmanhis last speech.

The Trio Medusa, organizers of the Elii reunion, also enters the stage: “Without their music, we could not imagine that so many years lie ahead of us.” The Carpi audience clearly agrees, and that is in fact the aspect which comes to the fore most in the second Concertozzo. At the end we also find the last and proven liturgy, the mantra, with which the heliacal multi-generational community invokes the Amen roller shutter. We missed this collective “Forza Panino”. And we had missed the vision of life (up close) of Elio e le Storie Tese, so different from the prevailing vision. Maybe that’s why they said five years ago they were too old for today’s audience. But tonight it seems to us just another cliché to desecrate.


John Holmes
Am distinguished for the fruit of sin
Gimmi I
The calf with balsa feet
TVUMDB extension
El Pubis
Born to be Abraham

Be a woman today
story of a guy
The land of persimmons
The monotonous song
men with purses
Sempione Park
super young

blanket (instrumental)
love love

roller shutter

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