Ensi and Nero transform into Brava Gente

Both were represented with a solo album from the last decade of last year, Ensi And Nero united forces for common efforts, Good people.

Two similar names for what they represent in the scene, similar in their own financial assets artistic and similar in their rapping style, appearing in a pseudo-Scorsesian cover with all-Italian gangster-esque imagery, for a record full of self-adulation about their mic appearances, mistaken for 12 tracks.

The way to good people

Quote: “do you like rap / Ugly / Even the Italian? / Oh yes, uglyo”, then you will certainly be informed about the release of the new joint CD Ensi And Nero.

The duo a few days before the release of their album, Good peoplehad collected one placement significant by opening the great record of djshock, Sacrosanctin a bold track in which they proclaimed themselves Shaq & LeBron.

When we talk about these two artists, the word can only pop up in the minds of the listeners freestyle. We’re talking about two improvisation artists who stuck their heads out of the sometimes restrictive lair of the “Freestyler” label to translate a 360-degree idea of ​​a rapper into their face, while remaining strongly connected to the imaginary collective of improvisers.

From the kings on the freestyle stage and from the respected rappers recording official works: their reluctance to hitin the more commercial sense of the term, certainly gave it a different status than that which could be ascribed to other rappers given the freestyle context Emis Killa, Nitroor (to express many extremes) a fedez. Ensi and Nerone continue to move with one foot underground and one foot in the somewhat mainstream scene, without ever straying too far between the two worlds and proving credible on either side.

In an environment where these two worlds have all too often been thrown at each other, Ensi and Nerone managed to spend most of their careers on the borderline, enjoying the respect of both sides. Your busyness at the microphone certainly played a role in this.

Brava Gente by Ensi and Nerone: the contents of the CD – review

window opener King Kong vs Godzilla seems intent on getting this straight for perhaps the most enjoyable moment of the project. A classic bar-to-bar alternation, with no refrains, on a paradigmatic bar (vaguely reminiscent of Otis From kanye And Jay Z), leaving room for the two rappers to give us the punch lines that have kept their names as artists alive.

Everyone likes us like Vasco e Liga / Cazzo e figa, Italian I pass you in line
The rap trap scene, ita, bro, has shrunk / That makes my game but he don’t rap

Tracks on the CD are mostly under 3 minutes in length and collaboration is kept to a minimum on 5 tracks out of 12. However, while the features are sparse in the title list, they are quite extensive in the name list. The distance six packs plays a big part in it: a high-energy, rocking quasi-posse track that sees the duo sharing the beat with an outstanding list Fabri Fibra, Nitro, Jake La Furia And Gemitaiz.

Among the different names, the aggressive verse of Nitro makes room, which has certainly found a certain affinity with the production close to its musical world. In R2R appears psalmwhich in Good people He also wore the producer’s clothes domino appears Hopeand in Hello mum the young singer, produced by Salmo, Shari.

The themes of the CD belong to the most classic freestyle self-congratulations about one’s own skills on the microphone and with a few exceptions remain in the comfort zone of the two rappers. To illustrate the cardinal theme we can quote passages like domino or Cuban links. As for the titles that are exceptional for the prevailing complacency, there are the reflexive ones When nobody is watchingbased on the ruminations of loneliness Cuts like smileswhere the duo lose themselves in a stream of consciousness about their resilience after trauma (probably the heartiest moment on the record) and the Latin lover track A minute.

The sound of the record deviates mostly from rap boom bap, as the rhythm relies on heavy basses, sporadic 808s, haunting flows and some schizophrenic alternate melodies. The productions have been curated by various names including 2. roof, 2P & Adma, 6 p.m, Andy the hitmaker, big joe, rogue, DonJoe, Luciennnthe above psalm, Sine, massacre And Verano.

If you consider that the CD was not only signed “Ensi und Nerone”, but also with the additional name of the duo Good peopleit could be an episode that leaves the doors open to other episodes: we’ll see.

In the meantime Good people is off. listen to him

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