Surf or Drown Vol 2, the new album from the rapper and producer of Hit-Boy

hit boy raps and produces in Surf or Drown Volume 2the sequel to the album released a few months ago.

Hit-Boy’s role as producer is getting narrower: Now Surf or Drown Vol 2 is released

In fact, Hit-Boy is one of the best and most awarded producers on the scene. Suffice it to say that he has produced songs of this caliber N**a in Paris, drop the world, Click, sickness modejust to name a few songs that have gone at least platinum.

In addition to these and many other singles, he has produced entire albums by various artists, among which Nas stands out with his trilogy royal disease more magic and Benny the butcher with burden of proofjust to stay in recent times.

Still, it almost seems like the producer’s role is close to him. Every once in a while he decides to pick up the mic and rap over his own beats. He is certainly not lacking in experience and technique as well as knowledge of the scene. So we think he’s more than entitled to rapping alongside producing beats.

On the other hand, this is not uncommon: it often happens that an artist who starts producing ends up becoming more and more passionate about the art of MCing. To name just one: Kanye West.

In recent years, his love of rap has gradually increased, up to the year 2023, where today he even presents us with the second album of the season.

It’s actually a sequel to the album of the same name, released in March: Surf or drown.

As in the first chapter, the disc consists of about ten tracks, followed by the respective instrumentals, a sign that Hit-Boy wants to continue to concentrate on the role of producer. A role that brought him fame and prestige in the scene.

Surf or Drown Vol.2 It’s actually a record where Hit-Boy doesn’t even leave too much room in the verses. He takes them all for himself to fill with his bars, except for those reserved for representations. We find a few artists to discover (Big hits And Garren), from a great big sean and the inevitable Dom Kennedj.

While rap isn’t his primary talent, Hit-Boy proves he knows how to get the mic through, which is obviously helped by the excellent beats, a guarantee of quality.

We don’t know if a third chapter of this series of albums will be released, but for now there’s nothing we can do but enjoy it Surf or Drown Volume 2 from Hit-Boy, also via the link below.

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