Give Paola and Chiara a residence

Let’s do it, come on. Let’s give Paola and Chiara a residence, as is customary in the United States, in Las Vegas. Not everyone can do it: Only artists who have a catalog (read “who have had enough hits to fill a concert”) deserve it. We decided this residency thing tonight, after the first Milan date of the tour Forever. There were definitely too many people in the Fabrique: the reunion of the year was not to be missed.

The other day a friend listed the terrible trends that were coming back with the 2000s revival. Low-waist pants, skinny belts, UGGs (for the unfamiliar: suede ankle boots with faux fur lining. When I look at them, the only thing that happens is “the thing that comes to mind is “this stinks”) . But this wave of nostalgia has also done good. Specifically, Paola and Chiara, who, as they say, “followed the flow”.

First time a random DJ set last year. Then the comeback rumors, then here with Pezzali at the San Siro, then with Jovanotti at the Beach Party. Meanwhile, on social media, they were loudly shouting: “Make a record!” Come back!” They really did it: Sanremo, Fury, a platinum, a record, a tour. It feels like 2003, but 20 years have passed and Paola and Chiara are finally partying properly.

Just because the snobbery of the past is gone, and even if it existed, they wouldn’t care. Paola also reiterated during the press conference to present the new album that she no longer needs anyone to criticize, because “being healthy makes you grow, it makes you want to do your best”. Other pasta, now try to criticize someone and you will face threats on Instagram.

Last night, we said, the Iezzi sisters took revenge. But not just yesterday, this year. Their life is a glorification of that time, but also an exaltation of who they are. Two sisters, adults who have found space in their lives, I imagine they have changed a lot to take back a bit of who they were. During the live performance all the old songs are rearranged, there are some new songs, there are the guests, Elodie comes and returns the favor from the night before in the forum and Levante comes too. Artists who started later and who, in a way, rightly consider them trailblazers. And then of course there are the dancers, the flashes and lots of glitter. On their clothes, on the faces of the people who came to hear them.

The atmosphere is a bit reminiscent of a party with friends: between one track and the other, the sisters give some clues to the next track, such as: “It was 2005…”. They don’t even finish the phrase that people are already singing my way. «They eliminated this song from Sanremo 18 years ago. But you all know it!” Then go. You are calm, relaxed. Among friends, actually.

The concert consists of a sequence of 18 songs, there is a large video wall on the stage that broadcasts excerpts from their past videos. I’m looking at this festival, shot in Brazil, with Chiara in a bikini, very blue eyes and a black veil. The good old days when record companies had money. Paola and Chiara lived in a time that no longer exists: before Napster, before this catastrophe that has become the music market. They’re back to remind us of what they were and will be Forever: the eternal girls of Italian pop. The audience knows, they’re having so much fun, they’re singing and shouting.

Paola & Chiara have released 8 albums and sold 5 million records, yet for most people they struggled to get out of the latin summer tour. They also had a period as independents where they did everything themselves when the majors and the radio stations started not charging them anymore. Then the game crashed. They broke up, disappeared for a while, started doing something else (Paola continued with music, Chiara pursued an acting career, ed.).

The newspapers occasionally ran the headline “Paola & Chiara as Liam & Noel” (amazing comparison). There were rumors about their relationship: “Did they fight?” Did they make up?” We didn’t talk on the way back, even accidentally. And yet they played at the Fabrique last night, packed, very packed. That in front of you Year to believe would have been incredible Thanks to a team of professionals who have looked after us for a long time, thanks to those who have come back into the game.

Paula and Clare. Photo: Kimberly Ross

It’s not easy making pop music in Italy (although this weekend led us to believe it’s not, cc: Elodie on the forums and Annalisa at the top of the rankings). They danced to the choruses 20 years ago, when it was harder to be taken seriously (which then means being appreciated for who you are, no one here is trying to be Bob Dylan). The whole thing was moved to the summer market, things to wash off like a tan in September to make way for UGGs in time.

And the meaning of this evening lies in this: music can and must be a moment in which you forget everything, let go and sing on the notes Furyincluding hand to forehead. Paola and Chiara are back, if anything Forever we do not know. In the meantime, let’s have fun. And we always say NO to the return of UGGs.

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