What are you doing? Don’t you go to the bonsai garden?

By vainsofjenna May12,2023 #bonsai #dont #garden

bonsai garden reaches its second edition. The summer music festival of the Parco delle Caserme Rosse in Bologna starts on June 26th and ends on July 24th. On stage: Gianluca Grignani, Emis Killa, Colle de Fomento, Mara Sattei, Galeffi, The Driver Era, Mostro, Nayt, Santi Francesi, a stage of the traveling rap festival Slam! (featuring Silent Bob & Sick Budd, Johnny Marsiglia, Mattak and Egreen), the Mammadimerda Show and many other artists to be announced.

BOnsai Garden is a review that aims to connect music with the environment. The focus is on addressing the connection between the environment and music culture and highlighting the environmental sustainability aspects associated with events. A summer music festival immersed in the greenery, in Bologna, under a sky full of stars. Small but mighty, just like summer, which leaves us with a feeling of freedom when we remember a concert.

The program announced so far:

– June 30: Mammadimerda – A hideous show in the sun
– July 5: Slam! (Silent Bob & Sick Budd, Johnny Marsiglia, Mattak, Egreen)
– July 6: Monsters + Nayt
– July 9: Gianluca Grignani
– July 12th: The Driver Era
– July 15: Mara Sattei
– July 16: Galeffi
– July 19: French Saints
– July 20: Emis Killa
– July 23: Colle of Fomento

Presale Links: https://www.boxerticket.it/locali/bonsai-garden/

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