Hello dancer Lucio Dalla. The winners and finalists of the second edition have been announced

It reaches its second edition CIAO – LUCIO DALLA review for innovative forms of music and creativity, the event Press line And iCompany and created by him under the artistic direction of Massimo Bonelliwhose goal is to find and reward the music of tomorrow, is ready for its second edition.

CIAO – LUCIO DALLA review is supported by Lucio Dalla Foundation created in collaboration with the Municipality of Bologna and thanks to the Banca di Bologna, which confirms itself as the main sponsor of the initiative, whose media partner is QN Quotidiano Nazionale (il Resto del Carlino, La Nazione, Il Giorno, Luce!).

In addition to the competition, which honors yet-to-be-created music projects, songwriters and producers, the event awards the prestigious prize every year DANCER OUT. The winners in the second edition are:

  • PENGUINS TACTICS Nuclear with the DANCER FROM 2024 to his career
  • DANIELA PES And KOLKATA (tie) for the Artist category.
  • The good in the bad” From Madame for the “Song” category.
  • DARDUST for the “Producer/Talent Scout” category,
  • Life as it is” (from The Most Beautiful Century of My Life) by BRUNORI SAS for the “Soundtrack” category,
  • Dallamericaruso. The lost concert” for the “Project” category.

Hello Lucio, review of the finalists

From the over 600 registered participants, the artistic direction selected 10 suggestions for the artist category and 10 for the producer category. Let’s discover them together, starting with the “Artists” category.

  • LILY
  • Kyoto
  • STAR

These are the ones selected for the Producer category:

  • ELSO
  • MNNL
  • SONS

The jury that will decide on the two winners of the competition (one per category) consists of: Maximum Bonelli (President of the jury and artistic director of the event), Anthony Filippelli, Carlo shepherd, Marco Missiroli, Nina Selvini, Sylvia Danielli And Valerio Baroncini.

The two winners of the second edition of “HELLO competition. The music of tomorrow” will complete the artistic cast of the 2nd edition of CIAO – LUCIO DALLA reviewfor innovative forms of music and creativity sharing the stage with the winners DANCER OUT already announced.

In addition, the winners of the first edition of the competition, mile And Francis Bookwill return to the Celebrazioni Theater together with the best classified of 2023, Annoy, Edgar Allan pop And Obito share the artistic journey of the last year.

The initiative is carried out with the support of MiC and from SIAEwithin the program “For those who create somethingand is dedicated to young aspiring artists and producers under the age of 35.


Two evenings related to the event. That from 4th of March at which the artist awards are presented at the Teatro Celebrazioni in Bologna, and by 5. March where it will be Lucio's house opens its doors for the exhibition and welcomes the artists who received the prestigious award Dancers from 2024.

The winners will meet and talk about each other, immersed in the energy of the world of Luciusin his interests and passions that remember and restore the house in which he lived and worked for so long.

Tickets for the evening of March 4th are available Here while the event will take place behind closed doors on March 5th.

The second edition of “CIAO – Lucio Dalla Review for innovative forms of music and creativity” is created under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture.

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