Here are the two hearts of Zampa

By vainsofjenna Jul23,2023 #hearts #Zampa

Continue the hot summer Legs Who released the single? Two hearts paired with adriana.

The production of the latest published plays is entrusted Manny Mani.

Double storytelling for Zampa in Two Hearts

It’s always a pleasure when someone of Zampa’s writing skill and credibility brings us a great piece of storytelling Two hearts.

The heart of a boy with a difficult family life due to a criminal father or the heart of a girl with a difficult family life for completely opposite reasons given by the lack of relationship and communication with parents who seem so distant.

The choruses and conclusion by Adriana (who works with Mr. Zampini for the first time) reinforces the story while also providing an excellent rap counterpart. As is often the case, production is entrusted to Manny Mani, producer and collaborator of Zampa.

Two hearts is released in the aftermath of this very hot summer for Zampa and is the fourth single since working with Vibra Records. Previous versions were Mediterranean Sea, The Daily Conflict with at the side Jack the Smoker And constellations with modest.

Definitely a wonderful summer for Zampa fans and everyone who loves good rap!

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