If you make electronic music, the Casa degli Artisti awaits you in Milan

A space where you can immerse yourself in your own creativity, a real laboratory where you come up with ideas, experiment and collaborate with a master of music production, Taketo Gohara, day after day. The focus: electronic music.

This is the opportunity offered by the Casa degli Artisti in Milan with the E-Side Insights on Electronic Music open call, a project whose media partner is Rolling Stone Italia: an invitation to emerging or established musicians interested in doing something to experience and create in this artistic studio through the residence formula.

Ghemon, Dardust and Vasco Brondi are just some of the musicians who have recently been welcomed to Milan’s Casa degli Artisti. Brunori Sas, for example, composed his Tenco 2020 Award-winning album Cip in this structure.

She and many others have chosen artistic residency to embark on a creative journey far removed from the classic work and production dynamics, considering the opportunity to isolate, focus and build relationships with other creative minds as guests of the house .

Casa degli Artisti, Atelier Musicale – Courtesy of Casa degli Artisti

Anyone involved in the electronic field can take part in the “E-Side Insights on Electronic Music” call for applications until July 6th: Selected musicians can apply for a stay of three or four weeks from September 1st, 2023 to January 31st benefit in 2024.

The resident musicians will work under the direction of the aforementioned Taketo Gohara, producer and arranger of artists such as Vinicio Capossela and Motta. In addition, they have the opportunity to meet other players in the industry, critics and journalists, and to engage with the other creative personalities of the house. At the end of the residency, the artists present the result of their work in the form of an open studio in the Atelier Musicale.

Electronic music – the beating heart of E-Side – Insights on Electronic Music – will therefore be a limitless research and experimentation tool. Electronics is more than a musical genre, it is in fact an approach to art with a history of more than a hundred years and countless and refined forms: theremin and Moog synthesizers, John Cage and Kraftwerk, trip hop and techno…

Casa degli Artisti, Atelier Musicale – Courtesy of Casa degli Artisti

Of course, the selected musicians will have the opportunity not only to use the physical spaces of the Casa degli Artisti, a place precisely dedicated to research and artistic production in 360 degrees, but also the instrumentation of the Atelier Musicale, which was activated as the first The Interior of the Milan building: microphones, pianos, audio and light mixers.

In addition to serving as curator and tutor of the residency process, Taketo Gohara is President of the jury that selects the Casa degli Artisti guest musicians for E-Side – Insights on Electronic Music, a project designed and coordinated by Francesco Piccolomini Naldi Bandini.

The other members of the jury are leading figures from the world of music and art: Nur Al Habash, Riccardo Bonetti, Paola Cacciarelli, Sara Del Caldo, Giacomo De Poli, Dario Faini (Dardust), Fabio Luzietti, Jeff Mills, Roberto Pisoni, Mauro Refosco, Stefano Senardi and Elisa Toffoli.

Thanks to E-Side – Insights on Electronic Music, there is therefore the opportunity to write another page in the history of electronic music in complete freedom of expression. Rolling Stone Italia is media partner of the initiative. The call for entries runs until July 6th, more information on the website www.casadegliartisti.net.

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