The UK Prime Minister has some issues with transgender people

Rishi Sunak, UK Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party, has become the focus of controversy over a video in which he insults transgender people.

In the footage, secretly filmed by an anonymous source and published out of Pink MessagesUK Prime Minister Sunak pokes fun at the transgender community by speaking of “women with penises” and poking fun at Liberal leader Ed Davey who campaigns for LGBTQ+ rights. Sunak attended a private event on June 5, 2023 organized by the 1922 Committee – a group of Conservative representatives that meets weekly during parliamentary sessions.

Pink Messages He wrote that around a hundred MPs were present at the event, including prominent Conservatives such as 1922 committee chairman Sir Graham Brady and Veterans Secretary Johnny Mercer. Philip Hollobone, MP for Kettering, and Desmond Swain, MP for New Forest West, also attended the meeting.

The source who shared the video said that despite the laughter, there was a slight embarrassment over what had happened among the youngest attendees at the event.

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