Kendrick Lamar enchants the Arena di Verona with his Rap: Reportage

It was one of the most anticipated summer events for Italian fans of American rap, or just of it Kendrick Lamar and despite the heat and ticket prices that are probably not affordable for everyone, theVerona Arena answered more than present on the second Italian date within a year after the author of Mr. Morale & The Bigger Steppers.

If you couldn’t be there, we’ll tell you about it here.

Kendrick Lamar is the means, rap is the goal: in the Arena di Verona his music is the protagonist

How nice it is to go to a concert and only be able to concentrate on what the singer has to say. We tried it at Loyle Carner’s at the Circolo Magnolia last week and we did it again last night, in an even more impressive setting, and hosted none other than K-Dot.

A year after the controversial (not his side) date at the Milanese racecourse, the Compton native returns to Italian soil to once again spread the multitude of messages he has conveyed throughout his invaluable discography.

An hour and a half live without a break, the microphone firmly in hand and interaction with the audience reduced to a minimum. There’s no time for distractions. If we’re talking about Kendrick, rap is serious business, it’s made for a specific purpose: to share, to mediate and, why not, in some cases, to open your eyes to some delicate issues.

Yesterday he did it again, bringing a wide repertoire to the stage, from the recent past N95 To Bitch don’t kill my vibein transit king Kunta, MODEST. money trees and many other hits including very enjoyable past collaborations with Pusha T and The Weeknd. All with him as the first, if not the only, actor in the series. In fact, he is often alone on stage, sometimes accompanied by a handful of dancers who resemble him.

The simplicity of the sets and the corps de ballet itself mean only one thing: there is nothing else to see apart from Kendrick and his words. Because with her presence and her skill, the stage never seemed empty: only her voice was in the limelight, accompanied from start to finish by a well-prepared audience, even if she censored herself if necessary.

Only two different curtains thought of the coloring of the stage, and we would like to know more about their authors and depictions.

Photo by Roberto Graziano Moro

The conclusion of Kendrick Lamar’s performance at the Arena di Verona, like last year’s live performance at the Hippodrome, was the turning point saviorone of the most influential songs by Mr. Morale & The Bigger Steppers, in which he denies his status as the savior of rap or anything else. Kendrick is just Kendrick and we’re okay with that.

Then, before saying goodbye, he said: “You were the hottest crowd on tour, remember those words: I’ll be back“. He did the same in Milan and as we saw he kept his promise.

A few words for the wise

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