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The new single from young yugiwhich appears between the Friday releases and which vanta the production of night skinnybears the title Massafghanistana clear reference to his hometown of Massafra.

Kid Yugi in Massafghanistan: Don’t come to Puglia to dance

Already on other occasions in the past, in titles like Grammelot or monopoly From TY1the rapper from Taranto had compared Massafra, his country of origin, to Afghanistan, similar and even better known to what is happening with Chiraq (i.e. the combination of Chicago and Iraq).

rescission of the claim of Come to Puglia to dance From capacitybehind which hid a sharp critique of some Apulian situations, Kid Yugi discourages a visit to his province and does so through an aggravated history of some characteristic dynamics of these contexts.

Throughout his short, nascent career, he has always done his utmost to highlight and shine the spotlight on provincial life, away from the metropolitan lights.

The official video, shot entirely in Massafra, was also released along with the song. The scene is conquered by the neighborhood, paraphrasing the people who live there, who, like many neighborhoods in southern Italy and beyond, will certainly be a nest of troubles but also a cradle of virtue. The camel is reminiscent of the elephant Marrakechand the yellow colors of the photograph, consciously wishing to associate Afghan imagery, evoke desert locations, which are also reminiscent of the Arabic-toned instrumental of Night Skinny.

Among other things, the reinterpretation of the famous verse by Ebbasta Ball In Hace Calor Remix:

My iron disappears, the iron in my underpants

Certainly in contrast to the summer ballads, Massafghanistanthat also draws attention, along with the skills already shown on other occasions, is the demonstration of Kid Yugi’s love for his homeland, whose contradictions he honestly recounts.

The message was then relayed to the province.

Massafghanistan is available now, listen to it using the link below.

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