Kid Yugi – Lucifer (lyrics)

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Text from Lucifer From Young Yugi

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Read the lyrics to “Lucifer” by Kid Yugi

Out of disgust, the first star of the morning
Lucifer as a child, the prince, the dolphin
The sins of the saint, the virtues of the murderer
The air here is heavy, it will shatter the window

Balance the pillows, build myself a fort
The end of a great king brings the empire into decline
Smoke like a chimney, too much flesh around the soul
I don't feel anyone really close to me

You kiss me on the lips, you sign the poison
Now my hugs remind you of the sack
Programmed to give up, silicon in my veins
I call myself a failure while everyone shouts about the miracle outside

I will trample my enemies, I will use them as a springboard
One moment of light is enough, I burn like a roll of film
Now the way I humiliate myself has proven to be profitable
Cry after cry, line after line

But that's not skin, it's parts of a fetish
When I stumble in the dark, hold me up when I stagger
Whitefly, black swan feathers
No matter how hard I purify myself, there is evil within me

Now that every word you say weighs on me like a rock
And your sweetest look remains grim
The evil that consumes me cannot be kind
Puzzle me thoroughly, defuse the bomb

I don't do it for fame, I don't want prestige
Not even for the money, take the advance back
I don't do this for women to seem cooler to them
I'm not rapping for fashion, I'm not going to be the latest trend

It's not about ego, I'm not going to strut around
It's not street stuff, the older I get the more it disgusts me
I'm not doing this for the fans, I don't need any cheering
I don't want to change anything, the sky remains gray

It's not out of gratitude, fuck any sacrifice
I'm not doing this to be famous, Anti-Idol Kid Yugi
I'm not doing this to save you, I'm definitely not that type
I don't think I'm saving myself, I'm not that stupid

I don't want mercy, I don't long for heaven
I have no vision, I always remain undecided
I don't do it out of respect, to look bad
If I go in now, it won't be served

I'm not doing it for myself, it's not out of selfishness
It's not my friend's job to tell him we won
It's not even my parents' place to seem like a good son
I don't do this for status reasons, not to appear richer

I don't want to hear applause for two nonsense things I wrote
Receive a prize and be part of the mechanism
No protagonistism, I'm a shy guy
I am a slave to substances that kill you over time

Don't push me aside, I risk losing heart
It's a free space prison, but I can't escape
The pain was unbearable and I felt uncomfortable
The sword that hit me now is the size of a pin

All that remains of an infinite wealth is the treasure chest
We still have an appetite from last dinner
Even the bruise from the last fight is gone
When a hero falls, all we are left with is myth

A few images from the director, half a line from the poet
The philosopher's form, the musician's record
A formula for genius, a video for attack
The shadow of what I live, the villain's biography



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