Cardi B tries out Missy Elliott in her new freestyle

Cardi B has returned to make his voice heard with the unpublished Like what, available on all music platforms since yesterday. The track anticipates the Bronx rapper's second studio album and samples a famous Missy Elliott song.

The artist's debut now dates back to 2018, when – with violation of privacy – became the female rapper with the most No. 1 hits in America and the first woman to win a Grammy for Best Rap Album.

Available now Like What by Cardi B: Listen to the freestyle streaming!

In recent years, Cardi B has never completely disappeared from the music scene. In fact, he dominated the world rankings between 2020 and 2021 WAP And High as well as appearing alongside DJ Khaled in Big papers and Lil Nas X in rodeo. Rumors about the release of a new album have often been heard, but to this day the project is still shrouded in mystery.

On several occasions, the artist had the opportunity to explain that her insecurity played a fundamental role in the delay of the project: after an outstanding debut, the rapper feared that she would not be able to repeat the success and was therefore branded as such One-hit wonder.

After Bongos with Megan, Like what wants to prepare the ground for the official return of the New York rapper. The beat contains a sample from she is tall by Missy Elliott, which BIA also incorporated into a beat produced by Timbaland last year.

At the beginning, Belcalis tells us that after a long silence he wants to put some pressure on the competition. Two verses follow boastful with which Cardi celebrates her fame and her extraordinary nature compared to the other women in the game (click HERE for the full text).

Along with the audio track, the official video landed on YouTube. The clip, directed by Offset, appears very simple and shows Cardi B between various outfit changes in a luxurious villa.

While you wait for more details about Cardi B's next album, all you need to know is her latest unreleased song. The video is available directly via the link below… Enjoy!

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