Like many guests on Zero Tolerance, Giggs’ new album

In an August full of US releases but infrequent releases as far as our domestic releases go it’s a pleasure that we also listen to big UK releases and that can only be so as we speak giggs and his new official album, zero tolerance.

Let’s see what it is

Giggs is back: Zero Tolerance album out

After a three-year wait, his latest project is from 2020. Now or never – this British rap legend is back with a highly anticipated album.

He snuffed out forty candles in May, but the Peckham, London native has no desire to stop, at least for now. So here comes his sixth official album, released for , in mid-August Not BS Music Limited.

As such, it’s not a huge contribution to supporting his new recording efforts, and given its structure, we can safely say that it doesn’t stand out at all.

zero tolerance von Giggs presents itself as a successful album, accompanied by a non-intrusive but well-curated promotion: we even saw him at the stadium with Dj Khaled and Diddy for Lionel Messi’s debut as Inter Miami captain.

On the acting side, nothing was missing: first of all, we find both English guests davein both mainly Americans, a scene from which he drew great personalities such as Jadakiss, Dave East, 21 Savage and the above diddythe latter guest on the album’s only opening single.

In terms of production, he used an extensive team, among others Louis Aura, AzizTheSnake, Jon Glass, Tim Nihan, AP, MuchoGotIt, Daniel Taylor, Jazzwad, ZackFeezy, Waji, Motif Alumni, XSmadeit, Cage, Prodnikita, Jerry Green and other.

zero tolerance by Giggs is officially available on the major streaming platforms, with eighteen titles that you should listen to carefully

If you want, you can play it from the Spotify link below.

Have fun while listening!

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