Lots of energy for Greve and Ford78 for the Ep Magneto

Greve and Ford78 combine forces Magnetobrand new collaborative album, released Friday May 26th, published and distributed by The Great Wave.

Eight pieces with some exceptional collaborations for a really well packaged and interesting product

In Magneto the different faces of Greve and Ford78

Hear Magnetoone of the first things that strikes you is the charge and energy Greve throws at the mic in every single track, whether it’s a livable rap, a lighter tune or a sung song, the rapper puts all his might into it into it and gives the impression that it is a lot of fun.

The quality of Ford machines has been known for years and this case is no exception. The Roman producer gives the album many ideas, also quite different ones, which give Greve the opportunity to build up very heterogeneous songs and to demonstrate important technical skills, be it the rap out of joints or the chorus sung in West Coast style.

With eight tracks you really notice many facets.

Magneto It had been preceded by two singles on CD in recent months Black and never coming back practically a posse track that featured the trio as guests Esa, Hube and Lucci. The rest of the collaborations on the album are also excellent and, in addition to those mentioned above, also include the following protagonists: Damage (Fits especially in the piece This place), guest, brain.

Greve, a new entry on our site, is a rapper from Turin, mainly active in Bologna, who has collaborated with many overseas rappers (Masta Ace And Marco Polo to name just two insignificant names) also worked as a producer. while the good Ford78 has always been missing from our pages Unabomber Ep was created with longtime partners Lucci and Hube.

We leave you the streaming disc below, listen to it, you will not be disappointed.

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