Intro, video and tracklist of the album La Divina Commedia

Less and less remains until the exit The Divine Comedya, the awaited official album of teduaand while the countdown finally comes to an end, here is the much-anticipated tracklist and accompanying videointroductionthe latter produced by the faithful Chris Nolan.

Let’s see what it is.

Tedua surprises with the video of the intro of La Divina Commedia, not the inclusion in the tracklist

After a very long wait, the Ligurian rapper will release his very personal on June 2nd Divine Comedywith which he gave us a foretaste three years ago Real Life: Waiting for the Divine Comedy and at the end of 2022 with the first single from the album, Lo-Fi for Uhis special commitment to friends and colleagues such as Charlie Charles, Chris Nolan, Sfera Ebbasta, Izi, Rkomi and Ghali.

Now that we’re close to release, here’s the last missing detail: the tracklist and features.

Could an exuberant, creative and sensitive artist like him proclaim this in a simple way? Of course not. Today at midnight the official video of was published on YouTube Introduction to the Divine Comedywhere after four intense minutes the “do you singhis hell and purgatory.

The license plate clip is suggestive TALKUM TV production and directed by Simone Mariano, which through dark backdrops and lights best conveys the mood of a song where Ryan tells us what it breaks his heart but also of his personal hell, his purgatory and his paradise, in a passage that may make us perfectly understand what kind of hell Divine Comedy we will meet.

After seeing him being interrogated, chained, on a motorbike with his back to him, to the last sentence “It’s my album, available now“Here is the tracklist to check off The Divine Comedy by Tedua.

Sixteen titles that, after the intro just played, gradually lead us into a “artificial paradise“, near “angels in hell“, until Purgent where this very personal journey by Ryan ends.

Like Dante Virgil, Tedua will not be alone here and will be joined by some of the hottest artists on the local rap and pop scene.

Could he have dared more? Yes, definitely, but what matters here is his work, so let’s get ready for Tedua’s Divine Comedy to arrive among us soon.

Below is the track listing of The Divine Comedy from Tedua:

  1. Introduction: The Divine Comedy
  2. Artificial Paradise (with Baby Gang & Kid Yugi)
  3. Bad
  4. Hoe (ft Sfera Ebbasta)
  5. Angel in Hell (feat. Federica Abbate & Psalm)
  6. Affective Deficiencies (ft Geolier)
  7. red light
  8. Vernacular (ft Lazza)
  9. Scale of Milan (ft Guè)
  10. July Deluge (feat. Marracash)
  11. It will blow
  12. The Truth (ft ​bnkr44)
  13. Free Souls (feat. Bresh & Rkomi)
  14. Lo-Fi for U
  15. Baggage (improvisation)
  16. Outro purgatory

Click HERE pre-order in CD and VINYL format The Divine Comedythe new official album by Tedua.


  • Click HERE to read the textIntroduction to the Divine Comedy by Tedua.

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