Machine Gun Kelly dissed Jack Harlow over Renegade Beat

It came out on April 28th Jackman by Jack Harlow, with the song in it They don’t love it in which the Louisville native described himself as the best white rapper since Eminem and to a famous enemy of the latter, Machine gun KellyHe must not have particularly liked these words.

Renegade Freestyle: Machine Gun Kelly’s answer to Jack Harlow

Hottest white boy since he raps about vomit and sweaters‘, these are the obnoxious bars of Harlow which, according to many, are among the most talked about of a record better than that released just a year ago.

I stood there and analyzed all the white rappers that came out after that 8 miles from Eminem would certainly take time and insight upon insight, but just play the new appointment with i The cipher by Machine Gun Kelly to find a critic.

Ten days after the release of one with CordaeWanting to have a say in this, MGK decided to dust off a familiar beat that Eminem was rapping on.

We probably don’t need to remind ourselves of Rap Devil from 2018, a dissent that was as risky as it was successful. However, it’s odd to see the rap-pop-punk white-boy again decide to take it out over the beat on a similar man, coincidentally after returning to give endorsements of a return to rap with his next album .

However, after Machine Gun Kelly reminded his critics that he could rap if he wanted to, he let Jack Harlow have his say The I don’t love it he says:

I get why they call you Jackman, you got (to Jack) all the flow from that man
Give Drake his flow, man I eat rappers like Pac-Man

There are those who say he’s right and those who say he should return to his new world, sometimes punk, sometimes pop.

We Machine Gun Kelly is often liked when he raps and we’re excited to see if he actually releases this rap record. Who knows if Jack Harlow will choose to act on these allegations, perhaps without using Drake’s style…

You can see the video from Renegade Freestyle from Machine Gun Kelly below:

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