Armani White releases Road To Casablanca EP.

The rise of Armani Whitethe rising face of 2022, was confirmed on Music Release Friday with the release of way to Casablancahis debut EP for Def Jam recordings.

Road To Casablanca: Armani White is proud of itself

Armani White released last month silver toothwith the participation of A$AP Finishedwhich anticipated the release of the EP way to Casablanca. The single, with a nice groove, floats on a funky and playful base that picks up on the sample take you home of arch wowproduced by The Neptune And Jermaine Dupriand indeed follows two other cornerstones of White’s recent discography, Goat And Billie Eilishboth of which are included in the EP.

Unlike the frenetic trap of Goatwho sees the cooperation of Denzel Curry, Billie Eilish, the song that sealed White’s worldwide success and recently went gold, moves towards more electronic musicianship. The piece is, as the title suggests, a sarcastic homage to the well-known pop singer and puts it to the test Nothing’ From STILL.

In addition to the songs already released, there are other unreleased ones that complete the project, such as Big bets with Fivio Abroad And Rob your exoutside of No mistakes, Proud of me In the company of Friday and a Legends Mix version of Billie Eilish with the landlord of three mic veterans such as Ludacris, Busta Rhymes and NORE

The West Philly rapper recently stopped by and appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show Goat in a captivating performance, but it was just one of many occasions he has been seen on in recent months, a testament to his rise in the music world today.

Armani White is definitely a name to keep an eye on for more releases to come.

In the meantime, pump yourself up way to CasablancaYou can find it at the link below.

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