Maria De Filippi on critics and journalists: “You do your job, I do mine. If I want to stop them from writing about me, I’ll do something else…”

In the wake of friends 22 on Saturday April 29th Maria DeFilippi declares to wax And Develop his thoughts on the question of criticism, musical and otherwise, from journalists and his relationship to criticism.

After the reaction of wax After a journalist’s criticism, read during the week, the artist decided to rewrite a version of the text who think well From Frankie HI-NRG MC, in reply to reporter. Found Here his text.

At the end of the show it is like this Christian Malgioglio the first to speak after the performance of wax advise him:

You see, I think he’s a very brave boy. If the journalist criticizes you, you have to take it for granted, because the criticism makes you grow. If I’m a journalist dealing with music, I can say whether I like something or not.

Otherwise we refer to the episode to the song by Cristschi, he felt the courage to answer this reporter. If you want to have this career, who knows how many beatings you will take in the future, I hope not, but it is a very difficult job.

Take the good and take the bad and move on

Develop she doesn’t fit, for her Italy is a country where she often wants to perish. And to think that it seems to us that music journalism is not with the press Friends specifically, but in general, is often too permissive. Anyway, beyond our opinion, the singer declares a Christian his thought:

If I may say so, it’s a very bad Italian habit, this story that always has to be buried, buried, buried and always uses insulting terms. wax in fact he gets very angry because there is always something insulting and belittling of his person and his experience in the way of criticizing him.

So he’s definitely a bit smoky, he’s a little boy, but in some cases when I hear certain things I’m like, ‘This boy is right to defend himself because it’s enough to be said“.

Malgioglio So he shares his experiences…

A lot of us bite our lip, I’ve always bitten my lip and that’s a very good thing. If I had listened to the journalists I would not have sat in this chair and my career has spanned more than 40 years, you know how many blows I have taken but I always said who cares…

And at this point that Maria en Philippi felt the need to clarify his point of view on this subject, also in order not to convey it at home, but above all to young artists like those of Friends a wrong message.

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Maria de Filippi – her opinion on the critics

But I think the critics sometimes write the right thing. I think Wax’s reaction is simply due to a content that touched him a lot, I think the journalist isn’t necessarily aware of his life, he has a job and he writes, that’s all.

It’s not like you can kill all journalists and only like yourself if they write well about us. It’s a person speaking who, when I read and open, might not leave the house, but I mean everyone has this job in life, it’s me who decides to stand here in front with this jacket and the microphone and that’s why maybe writing about me It’s also because I’m in front of a camera. Point.

They can write well, they can write badly, they do their job. i do mine If I don’t want people to write about me, I’ll quit this job and do another, it’s very simple.

I do not want that wax Steps like an anti-journalist who simply reacted to a topic that touched him deeply.

Criticism is also criticism, it doesn’t necessarily have to be constructive. In the face of criticism, they often told me, try to find the constructive side, but sometimes criticism is criticism, sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s unfair. Wa, me, you and all of us, maybe we’ll show those who criticize that maybe criticizing them was wrong. This is the attempt we can make.

I repeat, we are the ones who stand in front of an audience with a microphone and a camera. The day they don’t give me a video camera I can even go and ring the buzzer just to show me I don’t know because even if I’m doing this job I don’t know why.

Close wax he reiterates that the only thing that bothered him was this criticism of something very personal. And he adds: “Gentlemen journalists, thank you, because you are the ones who actually lead me to make music“.


Maria De Filippi’s article about critics and journalists: “You do your job, I do mine. If I want to stop them from writing about me, I’ll do something else…” comes from All Music Italia.

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