Morgan has asked The X Factor to donate half his salary to charity

After the Selinunte controversy, Morgan decided to donate half of his seal of approval to “a reception facility for children who have been rejected by their families of origin because of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or because they have begun a transition journey.”

This can be read in a post by the singer-songwriter on Instagram, in which he apologized for the words to some spectators who attended the concert hour signs of life and art, Dedicated to Franco Battiato in the Archaeological Park of Selinunte (Trapani) as part of the Beauty Festival. “You broke the c*o, I have feelings, coglio*i,” Morgan had begun singing Battiato’s songs at the request of a small group, since the live had begun with a personal musical excursion. “You’ve gotten off topic,” someone had yelled at him; This gave rise to an argument filmed by those present, which went viral, in particular because of the “froc * o di mer * a” insult to which the musician engaged.

“These days I’ve wanted to reconstruct what happened but by no means do I want to hide or justify it and I want to reiterate how wrong what I said is,” Morgan wrote in the post, which also includes one video published on social networks follows He reconstructs the moments before his reaction to show that he was provoked and hurt by this public request. But he doesn’t hide the fact that he was wrong: “I want my apologies to be sincere, heartfelt and clear and for them to reach everyone because I know I’ve hurt a lot of people and I want to pass them on to my colleagues too. ” X factor and to the entire team that works there. The phrase I said is the furthest from my identity as a human being, I want to repeat it. Everyone knows I’m not homophobic, but that’s not enough, doesn’t excuse, and doesn’t justify it. In fact, it is not enough to say that racist, homophobic or sexist idioms are used lightly and far beyond actual beliefs and intentions. We need to change this culture and vocabulary that exists unconsciously in the language of many and, to my surprise and displeasure, unfortunately also in my own. I am happy to bear the public stigmatization of what is happening and accept the pillory if it can at least partially change something. I made a mistake that I apologize for but, mind you, I don’t want to erase: on the contrary, I want to make a concrete gesture that doesn’t make it go away, but rather transforms it into something positive and useful.”

To this end, he has therefore decided to donate part of the fee he receives as a judge for musical talent: “I have asked Fremantle and Sky to donate half of my money X factor in a shelter for children who are rejected by their families of origin because of their sexual orientation, gender identity or because they have started a transition process. I’ve been thinking about the importance of welcoming, and I want that concept to be applied to those who, like me, make mistakes.”

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