No Blood No Foul: DJ Fede and Giso together in the new EP

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DJ Faith collaborate with Giso in the making of their new EP No blood, no foul.

A well curated project that pays homage to the world of basketball

DJ Fede and Giso do not give discounts, foul is only called if there is blood: No Blood No Foul

The worlds of basketball and hip hop have always been inextricably linked in the United States, while parallels with Italian rap are less common.

We saw Johnny Marseille compare his record to the legendary game of life a few weeks ago race 7 of the NBA Finals. A beautifully crafted record that takes inspiration from basketball at its highest and most courtly, but basketball isn’t just that.

Giso presents us with his vision of basketball, played on concrete courts in the suburbs, where there are no championships but whole-day playgrounds. Where there are more scraped knees than athletes. Where there are no umpires and there is only a foul when blood comes out.

Giso aka G.Soave, founder of always has a passion for basketball recording block He decided to rhyme his greatest loves. Together with the legendary DJ Fede they make this little EP, a real gem to celebrate the passion for basketball and street rap.

Together with Giso and DJ Fede we find DJ Lil Cut And DJ Kamo to scratches. For the verses, they are accompanied by instead dueling (former shareholder of Giso in Block Rec) e dafa (a living legend, source: Lyricalz).

No blood, no foul It’s a treat that no rap or basketball fan should miss. Now available on all platforms, you can also listen to it at the link below.

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