Noel Gallagher takes it out with “Friends” and “Coffee Culture.”

Noel Gallagher said that Friends and “the coffee culture” are for him the reason for the decline in sales of records: “We sit comfortably, drink overpriced coffee and talk about bullshit. Since there were bars, culture has disappeared». In conversation with Daily Star, the former Oasis spoke about how changes in spending habits have impacted the way people support artists, especially since streaming services have made all music accessible for free. More: He explained that he struggled to understand how people quietly spend their money in bars – which multiplied after the sitcom, where the characters met at Central Perk – but not on music: “People are appalled that that they have to pay to listen to the music! But if they have to shell out $20 for two coffees, no problem. I kind of don’t get it.”

It’s not the first time Gallagher has pointed the finger at “coffee culture.” He had already told one NPR: «I think the problem lies in the proliferation of cafés Friends. Since there are so many, the culture is gone,” he said. “I think resistance to paying to listen to music came after people got used to spending heavily on products that felt like culture – like coffee – and then changed their financial priorities. Or maybe it was the case that music had suddenly become free».

Noel is about to release a new album, Council Skies, with the High Flying Birds. He also confirmed that there will be a reboot Definitely maybe of Oasis arrive in 2024, though once again dismissing the idea that there will be a reunion soon.

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